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Simulate natural sunrise, sunset, fading moonlight, create cloud cover and lightning storms – all from the comfort of your couch. The Ramp Time Pro™ is a fully programmable 24 hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but also provides on-demand dynamic lighting effects. Designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums, it’s extremely simple to use and slowly acclimates animals to the bright light that LEDs produce.

The Marineland Aquarium Light Timer tuns aquarium lights on and off automatically.

The Elive inline timer makes it easy to turn your LED light on and off. The timer simply plugs in between your LED light and the power source. Sunrise/Sunset mode simulates a sunrise and sunset in your aquarium, providing your animals with a more natural lighting cycle — helping to reduce stress and promote natural behaviors.

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Aquarium Light Timers & Power Strips | That Fish Place - That Pet Place Use with aquarium light fixtures to customize 24-hour day and night light cycle for your fish. Easy-to-set analog timer features grounded outlets,

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Pictures of this light don’t do it justice. It looks like something from the 90’s, but it has GREAT results. The built-in timer makes it even easier for aquarium light beginners to master, and they’re very forgiving when it comes to growing plants.

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Digital outlet timers are aquarium essentials. Outlet timers are inexpensive, and save you hundreds of dollars over years of use by automatically turning your aquarium lights on and off each and every morning and night. This is foolproof because you cannot forget to turn your lights on or off; outlet timers are . Since outlet timers are reliable, this also means that your fish tank will have no algae outbreak due to the light being on too long. The GE Touchsmart Digital Timer is rated 4.5/5 on Amazon. The product is made mostly for turning lights on and off, and does a great job with any light type including LED, incandescent, and CFL. This product is made for use indoors and outdoors and is grounded. This means it is both waterproof and stops worries of electricution, making it a safe, secure choice for aquarium use. This outlet timer has a dual outlet, which means you could plug another device into it besides your aquarium light, or you could have two aquarium lights or strips hooked up simultaneously. The device can be mounted so that it is not hanging off your power outlet. Never worry about heat, because this device does not get hot. Keep in mind, both plugged in devices will turn on and off at the same time.Maybe most important of all reasons you should purchase an outlet timer for your aquarium is because of vacationing. When leaving your house for day or a week, it is great to know your fish and plants will be safe under proper lighting conditions. For example, before I had my own outlet timer, I had the light off for two days while I was gone. When I came back, all my corals and plants looked translucent and unhealthy. My clownfish and shrimps were pale and I was afraid they were sick and dying. My dragonet hid for the next few days and I thought he had passed away! Luckily he came out of hiding three days later. Not only can your fish become ill from days without light, but asking others to go to your house twice per day to take care of lighting is pressuring. It is enough to ask a friend to feed your fish once per day. Asking a friend to take care of your fish tank twice per day is over the top unless they live across the street and love taking care of fish.Custom Times:
The custom times option allows the user to set one on time and one off time per day. This setting will repeat every 24 hours. To use, simple press the up and down arrows for hours and minutes. Do this for both the on time and the off time.

A good aquarium use time would be to set the light on for 10-12 hours while you are home. Have the light off when you are away and cannot watch your fish. Good times may include: 6am-4pm, 1pm-11pm, 4pm-2am, or 2am-2pm. Pick one of these, or make up your own time that suits your home schedule.