Aquarium Light Timers: Zoo Med Laboratories Aquasun Controller

…Convenient Timer Bypass Switch allows simple manual control. Use with aquarium light fixtures for a simple and inexpensive way to automate 24-hour day and night light cycle. Zoo Med Aquasun Single Timer features a "Lamp On" LED indicator light. Great for use with freshwater aquariums

The Marineland Aquarium Light Timer tuns aquarium lights on and off automatically.

24 Hour Programmable light timer works with all types of aquarium lamps and features a one plug design. Provides for a natural day/night cycle for your fish. Includes LED "lamp indicator" and manual override. Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety.

Current USA Single Ramp Timer: Aquarium LED Lighting Accessories

The ViparSpectra timer control 165W aquarium light’s 3 watt LEDs have a spectacular amount of intensity considering their long life span. Welcome to the next generation of VIPARSPECTRA Timer 165W LED Aquarium Light, which is the latest addition to our line up also you can't beat the price and quality combo! It has a simple, built in timer and a remote, with full spectrum layout and an upgraded hanging.

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Automate your aquarium lighting system with the Fluval Dual LED Lamp Timer. This digital device allows you to control sunrise, mid-day and dusk settings for up to two LED strip lights, simulating natural sun and moon cycles for a truly realistic environment. For more information, visit Fluval USA at

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