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Kit Includes: API Perfect Start: a complete and easy-to-use start-up program to successfully start your aquarium, API Superclean 10 Internal Power Filter: 45gph flow rate, API Crystal Bio-chem Zorb 10 cartridge: removes debris, odors, and discolorations, LED Lighting: seven colors, white, blue, red, green, aqua, amber, and purple, Free sample of API TROPICAL Flakes Food.

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Many of the light fixtures being sold now include moon lights which are LEDs. So we're starting to see them more often, but even though these LED aquarium lights are very promising we are probably still a few years away from using them as the primary light source on most home aquariums. Check out the ecotech radion LED lighting fixture which is getting really good reviews from hobbyists. I run these over my 120 gallon reef tank now and reviewed them for the magazine. Check out the for more information.

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Small Fish Tank Starter Kit 2 Gal Aquarium Changing LED Lights Kids Office Gift #Hawkeye This 10 gallon aquarium kit comes with absolutely everything you need to get started. It comes with a full lid/hood with built in low profile LED lights. They provide good lighting for your fish but they aren’t totally visible and they don’t take away from the aesthetic aspect of your aquarium. Moreover, this kit comes with a quiet flow LED Pro power filter with the filter medium included, something which is great for keeping your aquarium water clean in a quiet manner.

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Here's a list of beautiful, live soft corals that are some of the easiest to take care in reef aquariums. These top pick easy are a good choice for any reef keeper but are ideal for beginners to start with. They are hardy varieties that typically adapt well to aquarium life, and don't require intense light. In fact, almost all of these corals do best in low to moderate lighting and or similar conditions. Since most of these corals derive a

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For instance, a popular hood nowadays is the compact Fluorescent hood incorporating an actinic bulb, a full spectrum bulb and a moon light. You could set up the timer to turn on the actinic bulb to go on first and stay on for 12 hours, then have the full spectrum bulb come on an hour or so later and stay on for 10 hours. This could simulate dawn and dusk by having the actinic bulbs come on an hour early and stay on an hour later. Finally, you could have the moon lights turn on when the actinics turn off. Who knows, you may even start to see breeding behavior in certain species that may be more in tune with the light of the moon in this type of setup. Another side benefit of using a moon light is the super cool effect it creates in the aquarium when all the other lights in the room are off.If you are only keeping fish in your aquariums, you only need toreplace your light bulbs when they burn out, and this varies from bulbto bulb. If you are using N.O. fluorescent lights, you should replacethe starter each time a bulb burns out, as often a burnt out bulbburns out the starter as well. If you are raising live plants orcorals, you should replace your N.O. fluorescent lights every 5-7months, because the intensity of the light begins to fade and itlooses its helpfulness to the plants or animals that need it. You maynot see this difference until you replace the bulb, but it certainlymakes a difference to the plants or animals that depend on it! If youare doing this, remember to replace the starter(s) at least once ayear. If you are using power compact or V.H.O. fluorescent lights, youshould replace the bulbs about once a year, or whenever the bulb burnsout. These bulbs are better able to maintain their spectrum over time,and do not degrade as fast as N.O. fluorescent bulbs. Metal halidebulbs should be replaced every 8-12 months. When changing M.H. orV.H.O. bulbs, remember to check the ballasts to see that they areworking well and are not overheating or showing any other signs ofwear. If there are signs of wear or other problems with the ballasts,they should be replaced at the same time.