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The Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Aquarium Hood provides brilliant, efficient, beautiful illumination for your aquarium in an easy-to-use, adaptable LED light fixture. One long Day White LED Lamp provides crisp brightness, while a Moon Glow Accent Light adds extra character and serenity to your underwater environment.

48" 324W T5 HO Aquarium Light Hood 6x54W Fluorescent Actinic Lamp LCD Timer REEF

To give your aquarium that cool, colorful look, its time to bring on the lights. From hanging fixtures to hoods with lights built in, to retrofit light kits to other types of lighting apparatus, Pet Mountain as a wide variety of aquarium lighting supplies no matter what your budget or size tank. The other reason you need lights is because your fish need it of course. Just like people, they have to get their dose of “sun”, especially if they are far from a window or natural source of light. With great products from Current USA, Coralife, Marineland, Hydor and others, we've got you covered. Any type of lighting you need at the best prices, some of which are discounted up to 60%. Use aquarium lights to illuminate the whole tank, or highlight certain areas of your aquarium, in white or colored light.

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48" 324W T5 HO Aquarium Light Hood 6x54W Fluorescent Actinic Lamp LCD Timer REEF
You may also want to get an aquarium light timer. A light timer can help make running an aquarium that much more enjoyable because it's one less thing you have to mess with. Most higher end fish tank hoods and fixtures have multiple power cords that are tied into the multiple light sockets within the hood. This allows you to setup your timer to turn on the various lights at different times.

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CFLs(Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs) are getting cheaper and better in every way. But meanwhile flourescent lightbulbs for aquariums at my local fish store costed around 12 bucks and seem to be getting more expensive. It diddn't help that my aquarium hood light's circuitry was all rusted and broken and bulbs would burn out on a weekly basis because of it. Finally I was fed up with it all and decided to do something about it.

At first I found the instructables on how to make an led light. I thought I would do that but when I went to Fry's Electronics I found out that it would be like 40 dollars to by all the led's I needed. I couldv'e bought them online but being my impacient self, I diddnt. Plus I diddn't like all the tedious soldering that went into everything.

Finally I came up with this: The Compact Flourescent Aquarium Hood Light
some benefiets are:
-No soldering!( YAY)
-Easy to aquire materials
-Brighter aquarium
-Cheaper to replace bulb
-Every time you replace the bulb it also replaces all the circuitry so it'll last a long time

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