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Our nano aquarium hoods range from 8 inches long to 24 inches long and includes aquarium lighting to fit planted tanks, freshwater, and marine saltwater reef tanks. Lighting is available in LEDs, power compacts, and metal halides. If you need a custom length, please call us and we will be happy to make one for you to your specifications. Made in the USA.


The Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods are state of the art light hoods. The s give the same shimmering effect as Metal Halides. The low power consumption and long bulb life make these sleek, low profile hoods more economical to operate than their fluorescent cousins. Available in 3 sizes which fit most 20, 24 and 30-inch sizes.

Designed to perfectly fit 15, 20 high, 25, 30 x-high Aqueon aquariums

Jul 1, 2014 - Aquarium, Two (24Aquarium Hood Fits: 10 gallon, 16 Extra High and 20 Extra High aquariums24" x 12" LED Aquarium Hood Fits: 15 gallon, 20 high, 25, 30 Extra High, and 55 aquariums (55 gallon aquariums require 2 24" hoods)30" x 12" LED Aquarium Hood Fits: 20 long, 29 and 37 gallon aquariums

Provides excellent lighting and greatly reduces water evaporation

The special note here is that the bulbs accepted are now 24 inches long for the 20 gallon long tanks. For the light bulbs remain 18 inches. Because you are able to select your own bulbs there is no light issue with plants. New bulbs range from $5-$12 depending on the quality and can be expected to last between 6 months and a year. For longer bulb life keep the bulb well protected and clean it regularly. When both LED and flourescent hoods do not meet your needs you're probably ready to take the next step in aquarium lighting and fixtures. I'm talking about lighting strips. Both suspended and resting above a glass top. These two options are used in serious fish stores world wide as they are cost effective and provide even lighting.

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