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When you do go to plug in and turn on the preset heater, you should really have a secondary thermometer on hand. While the temperature gauge built into most of these heaters work fairly accurately, it’s good to have that second thermometer to verify that the temperature is actually what the heater says it is. When making adjustments to the temperature of the aquarium, please make the changes in small increments rather than all at once. Also note that the settings on the knob should be used as only a rough guide to show you in which direction the heater is being adjusted. You shouldn’t always trust what is factory imprinted on the control knob as being what the temperature will end up as.

Q) My aquarium heater is not working properly, what can I do

You should also use a standalone aquarium thermometer along with a heater. Thermometers are cost effective solutions that usually don't need any maintenance and give precise answer on question if your fish tank heater works or not. If you're not sure, simply take the heater out of the aquarium, put it into a bucket with cold water and let it heat the water to 30°C (86.00°F) for instance. Check the water after an hour or less depending on wattage of the heater. Also ensure that there is some flow in the bucket.

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My aquarium heater is not working properly, what can I do? Ensuring adequate filtration in your aquarium is the key to maintaining a healthy and thriving tank environment for your fish. If your tank filter is not working properly, toxins could build-up in your tank and it could eventually poison your fish. Not only could inadequate filtration result in the build-up of toxins, but it could also lead to a general decline in water quality -- without proper filtration, organic waste and debris will accumulate at the bottom of your tank and you could also experience an increase in algae growth. As the water quality in your tank declines, your fish are likely to become more stressed and they may also become more susceptible to disease as a result. For these reasons, it is incredibly important that you take immediate action to remedy any problems you experience with your tank filter.

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Usage is simple, heaters usually come with rubber suckers. You put the heater into the aquarium, attach it to the suckers that are attached to glass. Plug in to the electricity and it works! The second question and ; Aquarium heater is just one of the options. Another is heating the room where you have aquarium or aquariums. If operating costs to heat your room are lower than electricity costs when using a heater, then it's better to heat the room. It could sound weird, but if you have a fish house with, say, 5 or more fish tanks in just one room, then it's worth a consideration at least. Leaving sunlight to enter the room via windows is another useful technique.

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