10 Basic Fish Health Tips to keep Comunity Aquariums Healthy.

You can get free in-store water tests at your local Petco store or buy kits that test the pH levels, water hardness, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and dissolved oxygen in your aquarium at home. These are relatively inexpensive and detect potential problems so your fish stay healthy and happy.

Here’s some more recommended reading so you can gain a better understanding about the biological and chemical makeup of a healthy aquarium:

In fact, my largest client (the Bahooka Restaurant) was gained because an employee of the restaurant had an Arowana that was sick and none of the medications being advised to her by others were working.
She heard about me through word-of-mouth and I recognized that she had tank conditions that were not healthy. This prevented her fish's own natural defenses from allowing it to recover.
As well the medications sold to her were not the right medicines for treating the illness the fish had.
Her fish got better after correcting these problems and the rest was history (this aquarium service account launched many other accounts for us including a contract with Disney).

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Did you know that aside from public display fish aquariums being good for your health, they can be  as well? Contemplation of fish in an aquarium seem to have a significant effect in reducing levels of and . The effects of the presence of an aquarium on patients awaiting were examined in 2004 study by Purdue. While statistically significant differences in and heart rate between the test and control were not found, the patients demonstrated a 12% reduction in self reported pre-treatment anxiety. In a 1985 study of dental patients, both contemplation of an aquarium and , used together or alone, produced a significant increase in relaxation in comparison to a control group and a group of patients who contemplated a poster. This study also found that hypnosis did not augment the effects of exposure to an aquarium. Degrees of relaxation were determined by both subjective and objective criteria, and included blood pressure and heart rate. Additional studies confirm that watching fish in an aquarium can be effective in reducing anxiety in patients awaiting . Observation of aquaria has also been shown to reduce muscle tension and pulse rate in elderly subjects in comparison to control groups who watched a placebo video tape or a video tape of an aquarium.

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This cannot be emphasized strongly enough nor often enough: quarantine all new fishes before introducing them into your healthy aquarium. How many piscine souls could have been saved throughout fishkeeping history if only we could drill this into our heads! (I could not say this so emphatically had I not had so much personal experience over the years…) By keeping new fishes in a separate tank for even as little as a week—although 30 days is highly recommended—you can avoid spreading virtually all of the contagious diseases to the fishes you already have. Also, it’s easier to treat diseases, whether they occur in your home aquarium or in a new acquisition, in the unadorned quarantine tank. Think about it the next time you’re planning a fish purchase.

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