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Animals protected under the federal Endangered Species Act cannot be exported; they must remain in the United States. But animals like Washington’s sea otters, which are protected at the state level but not the federal level, can be transported to new homes in other countries. Assuming his rehabilitation at the Aquarium is successful, the orphaned pup (called Rialto by his caregivers—named for the beach on WA’s outer coast where he was found) will move to the Vancouver Aquarium as soon as he’s stable and the proper permits have been obtained. “This helps save space in U.S. zoos and aquariums for animals that must remain in the country,” Traci says.

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Well, first, as I mentioned above, even if you go through thisprocess, it is still possible to damage the aquarium when you move itinto your home, and it is definitely possible that the tank willeventually spring a leak. It is also possible that the tank has aslow enough leak that you will not have noticed it over four days, soit is very important to continue to keep an eye on your aquarium andcheck for leaks regularly. Slow leaks can eventually become fastleaks, and the sooner a leak is caught and repaired (or the tankreplaced) the less likely it is to become a major problem, or to causesignificant damage.

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We're dreaming of warm weather and sunny days. Register for summer camp at the aquarium. Content Owner: Luxusburger

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is the only opportunity in the world where you are guaranteed to swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, in Georgia Aquarium's Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot. Not only will you share a habitat with whale sharks, but you will also be surrounded by manta rays, zebra sharks, and thousands of other fish! A portion of the proceeds from this program support our research and conservation efforts.

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