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The number of each type of fish can usually be selected, often including other animals like , , , and even . Most companies that produce virtual aquarium software also offer other types of fish for sale via Internet . Other objects found in an aquarium can also be added and rearranged on some software, like and giant that open and close with air bubbles, or a bobbing . There are also usually features that allow the user to tap on the glass or put food in the top, both of which the fish will react to. Some also have the ability to allow the user to edit fish and other objects to create new varieties.

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Animated Fish Aquarium Background is an aquarium background with moving objects. These movements in the background along with your fishes in the foreground will make your aquarium look livelier than ever before.

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Food For Aquarium Fishes Pictures, Images and Stock Photos - iStock Of primary concern to the aquarist is management of the produced by an aquarium's inhabitants. Fish, invertebrates, , and some bacteria excrete waste in the form of (which converts to , in acidic water) and must then either pass through the or be removed by passing through . Ammonia is also produced through the of plant and animal matter, including matter and other . Nitrogen waste products become toxic to fish and other aquarium inhabitants at high concentrations.[] In the wild, the vast amount of water surrounding the fish dilutes ammonia and other waste materials. When fish are put into an aquarium, waste can quickly reach toxic concentrations in the enclosed environment unless the tank is cycled to remove waste.[]

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In the United States, as of 1996, aquarium keeping is the second-most popular hobby after . In 1999, an estimated 9.6 million US households owned an aquarium. Figures from the 2005/2006 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey report that Americans own approximately 139 million freshwater fish and 9.6 million saltwater fish. Estimates of the numbers of fish kept in aquaria in Germany suggest at least 36 million. The hobby has the strongest following in Europe, Asia, and North America. In the United States, 40% of aquarists maintain two or more tanks.[]

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