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South American Eartheaters, by Thomas Weidner, Cichlid Press Publisher - Authoritative books on specific families of South American Cichlids are few and far between. If you are interested in keeping and breeding the Geophagans - the Eartheaters, this is the book for you. Covered are fish from the sub-families. Details such as breeding habits in the wild and in the aquarium, keeping and feeding them correctly are provided for each fish. The book is rift with excellent color photos of each species. Expensive, yes, but if you are interested in this group of fishes, grab a copy of this book, you won't be disappointed. At this writing the book is out of print, and quite popular, so if you find one, buy it, because its unlikely you'll find another one.

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The Interpet Manual Of Tank Busters
Gina Sandford and Richard Crow (Salamander Books).
Subject: Large or aggressive aquarium fish
1st edition published 1991 - .

Books by Dick Mills (Author of Aquarium Fish) - Goodreads

This is definitely one of the best aquarium books and it will teach you everything you need to know about keeping happy healthy Goldfish. These fish books and aquarium books are for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Most of the aquarium books mentioned here are worth reading. There are a couple of real stinkers but the majority of these aquarium books are well written and will surely be well worth your time.

All About Aquarium Fish: Tropical Fish Books Review

These are some of the better tropical fish and aquarium books available and are more general in nature. Check out the reviews for these books below.

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TAYLOR, J. E.; The Aquarium; Its Inhabitants, Structure, and Management. London, Hardwicke & Bogue,1876, First edition, 8vo [19 x 12.5 cm]; xv, 316, [iv, ads] pp, 239 illustrations including full-page, index,original pictorial gilt cloth, with gilt picture of aquarium and fishes, gilt lettering, all edges gilted, coversrubbed, old bookseller's blindstamp on endpaper, very good, interior is clean and unmarked.This step-by-step guide to setting up and stocking a marine aquarium is, in my opinion, one of the very best books available to beginners. This modest-sized tome covers everything from planning to equipment selection, aquascaping, cycling, maintenance, livestock selection, and fish diseases and is loaded with helpful tips.Detailed instruction advises on water temperature and chemistry, gravels, and the best equipment to help maintain a healthful environment for aquarium fish. Aquarium hobbyists improve their skills by studying the clearly captioned, step-by-step, full-color photos on every page of Tankmaster Books. These books show—rather than merely tell—how to maintain colorful and interesting fish tanks, with every page literally filled with photos and other illustrations. All have detailed and instructive captions. Each book focuses on a different aspect of either freshwater or marine aquarium maintenance, and explains everything from fish and plant varieties to bubblers, filters, and other aquarium accessories. More than 200 illustrations in each book.Perhaps one of the most challenging freshwater aquarium fish to keep is the Discus. Anyone who is serious about keeping Discus would be wise to do some homework first. This reference list of various Discus books is intended to help you choose the books that will be the most helpful to you. I've listed the books in order of publication, with the most recently published books first. As with many aquarium and fish books, some of the older volumes are still among the best reference books.