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Sponge filters and corner filters (sometimes called box filters) work by essentially the same mechanism as an internal filter. Both generally work by , using bubbles from an air pump rising in a tube to create flow. In a sponge filter, the inlet may only be covered by a simple open-cell block of foam. A corner filter is slightly more complex. These filters are often placed in the corner on the bottom of the aquarium. Water enters slits in the box, passes through a layer of medium, then exits through the airlift tube to return to the aquarium. These filters tend to only be suitable for small and lightly stocked aquaria. The sponge filter is especially useful for rearing fry where the sponge prevents the small fish from entering the filter.

I fullishly gave away my box filters a couple years ago when I wasn't running any aquariums. Now I can't find find any locally.

When it comes to aquarium filters, choices abound. Buyers must take into account important factors that influence the purchase of an aquarium filter. The size of the aquarium often dictates the kind of filter needed. The choice of filter is also influenced by factors such as the level of maintenance required as well as the type of pet to be housed in the aquarium. No matter what type of filter is chosen, it is a good idea to ensure that the filter accomplishes at least two of the three filtration processes, including biological filtration. This ensures optimum performance and a healthy environment for inhabitants. Aquarium owners should note that cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining an aquarium filter. The extent of cleaning involved varies with internal and external filters. Owners should also be mindful to use aquarium water in cleaning sponges, boxes, and under-gravel filters to prevent loss of beneficial bacteria. With the plethora of choices available for aquarium filters, prospective buyers can rest assured that they can find something that accommodates their requirements.

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filter medium outside of the aquarium. These box filters costs $9, whereas small, motorized filter will start at Only the local aquarium store may have a few box filters on the shelf, but most likely you’ll have to buy yours online after some heavy searching.

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DIY over the tank filter.
for those fish freaks that run multiple tanks. for glass/eggcrate covered tanks. for people who like to DIY for the hell of it.

what i used:
Clear plastic box (crafts store)
or any container you like.
Clear acrylic tube (crafts store)
or pvc pipe.
Caulking gun.
GE Silicone 1, clear, windows & doors.
if you already have that very small & expensive aquarium sealant you can use that. this DIY does not require much of it.
Soldering iron
or drill.
Plastic cap
or use the undergravel adapter from your powerhead (which you'll need anyway).
Your choice of tubing (i just bought a replacement Fluval ribbed hosing/tubing for the 105/205 model. it's alot flexible.
Bio wheel mini part (not req'd).
Bio balls (not req'd).
Fabric/batting from crafts store or fabric dept at wally world.

work in a well ventilated area if you're going to use the soldering iron. inhaling the smoke kills stupid people. silicone also smells bad.

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