They mostly ignore other tankmates

In certain exhibits throughout Adventure Aquarium you'll spot them swimming and slithering through the water. They are unusual, rare and exotic - they're Adventure Aquarium's eel species, which include green moray, purplemouth moray and spotted moray eels.

Eels are one of the more fascinating species of fish in the aquarium trade.

Moving on from the fire eel is where things getcomplicated. The tyre-track eel is usually identified as in aquarium books, but in fact a differentspecies, , actually seems to be the one thatgets imported most often. Both are light brown with dark brownmarkings, but on the markings areconcentrated on the top half of the body, leaving most of the bellybare, whereas is marked right down to thebelly. Otherwise, the biggest difference between the two species issize, with reaching up to 70 cm in length,but up to 90 cm.

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Most species of saltwater eel grow well over a few feet in length and require extremely large aquariums. Generally a 75 gallon tank is big enough for the smaller species, but a larger tank is always recommended. Most of the common eels found for the aquarium will grow between two and four feet long, though there are some, like the Green Moray (up to 8 ft) that can reach several feet. Larger species should only be housed in the largest of tanks, and it is important to know as much as you can about the species you’re considering – how big a species can get, how much space it needs, dietary needs, and to be prepared before considering an eel for the home aquarium.

These eels, exemplified by species such as the dwarf golden moray ..

The following chapters will provide descriptions of the most popular eels kept by aquarists and look at specialized aspect of their husbandry including the design of tunnels and hiding spaces.

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