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Coral Reef US is a coral store specializing in aquaculture and coral propagation. We grow high quality aquacultured polyps, zoanthids, soft corals, mushrooms, SPS and LPS corals in our facility. Our environment is similar to your home aquarium that makes coral hardier easier to keep than wild imported corals. After months of cultivation we hand select coral for sale on our coral online store.

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With the largest selection of fish and corals in the Southeast, The Fish Store offers choices to fit all experience levels and budgets. We are a full-service store, with aquariums for sale of all sizes, and an aquarium maintenance service company all under one roof.

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Buy Australian Elegance Coral | Live Coral for Sale | Vivid Aquariums Tropical fish store Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley. Live corals, saltwater fish, and aquarium supplies for sale. 15-day guarantee. Free shipping available.

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Pacific East Aquaculture located in Mardela Springs has Corals and Clams for Sale, ... knowledge and experience on many aspects of the reef aquarium hobby.

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Tidal Gardens is a labor of love started in 2005 by Than Thein in Akron, OH. Growing up, Mr. Thein was never allowed to have dogs or cats, but was allowed to have fish tanks. Over the years, that interest in fish tanks developed from 10-gallon freshwater aquariums to moderate-sized saltwater aquariums.

The hobby continued through college where he was successfully keeping coral reef aquariums. With that success came the realization that corals would quickly outgrow small aquariums and would have to be pruned to avoid aggression. The question became what to do with the cuttings? Initially, pieces were sold here and there or given to fellow hobbyists.

Once in business school, Mr. Thein developed a business plan to determine whether the process of growing coral for sale could be successfully scaled up. This business plan in additon to providing a solid roadmap for the company helped finance the early years of development by winning business plan competitions. In 2004, the Tidal Gardens business plan won $2,000 in the University of Akron Business Plan Competition. The next year in 2005, the plan won the $30,000 grand prize in the COSE Northeast Ohio Business Plan Challenge.