DesMume "Sonic Colors DS" - "Aquarium Park" Mission 2 1080p HD

The H2Show low voltage LED mini spotlight is safe and energy efficient and releases no heat and won't promote algae growth in the aquarium. The Color Mix LED automatically alternates between red, green and blue lights every nine seconds for a brilliant lighting show. High quality components guarantee long lasting performance and amazing light effects. Compact design allows placement virtually anywhere in your aquarium. The special LED lens creates a spotlight effect that allows you to feature specific areas of the aquarium. The suction cup allows the LED light to be placed on the glass or nestled into the substrate for an uplight effect.

Aquarium SW 6767 now on the Rugh Design Color Wheel! I am ready for your comments and questions!

There are obvious synergies between Living Color Aquariums and the St. Augustine Aquarium and incredible possibilities for what we can accomplish together. I will always proudly consider myself a part of the Living Color family.

DesMume "Sonic Colors DS" - "Aquarium Park" Mission 3 1080p HD

Less commonly kept than some other species, many still make hardy and colorful aquarium residents. Specially designed to display bright colors in aquarium tanks, the illuminates a nice clean, bright light throughout an entire fish tank while bringing out the natural beauty of all marine life. This bulb dramatizes colors and livens up any aquatic tank with just a flick of a switch. The Aquari-Lux helps stimulate plant growth as well, allowing pet owners to rear fish and plant life in their own home aquarium. Enhance the color of any fish or plant without growing any excess algae all at the same time.

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Staying dedicated to its theme the Atlantis Casino, located on Paradise Island just a short ride from Grand Bahama, surrounds you with the beauty of the ocean and the magnificent creatures that call it home. Their expansive collection of marine aquariums are everywhere on the property, from the incredible water slide that takes you through a shark tank, to massive curved aquariums that line the walls of the casino floor. To immerse you even deeper into the ocean experience they went back to the Team at Living Color Aquariums who originally provided the aquariums for the hotel and requested another jaw dropping aquarium experience for their high roller casino.

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Colored aquarium lighting is lighting that is different colors such as white, red, blue, and green. Colored aquarium lights are usually used to simulate moon lighting, illuminate the tank at night to observe nocturnal creatures, and for decorative purposes.I have the Marina micre LED lights and I do enjoy them. The catch on them is to operate them, you need to also buy a hub unit. You may attach three lights to one single hub though. You can also but a white light with a ac adapter, but only the color white. I like this light because they are easy to position in your aquarium, and once they are suctioned cupped on the wall, you may move the light up or down.