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* All these reasons are based on 30+ years of professional aquarium maintenance with some of the largest accounts in Los Angeles, CA
The above section is the most objective aspect of this article, everything that follows is more subjective and utilizing what ever cleaning method, frequency, or combinations there of are all determined by achieving that above criteria which admittedly is not all as important as each other, however I would consider points 1-8 essential based on both experience and scientifically controlled tests/studies.

Using bacteria acts as a preventative measure in keeping your aquarium cleaner for longer.

Here is my NEW basic Aquarium Vacuum/Siphon cleaning demonstration that I made a video for (with some added help this time). I hope this is better about demonstrating vacuuming basics (making videos is not a talent of mine).
Please note that this is a Planted aquarium where much plant grower substrate is used, along with partial use of the “German Cleaning Method” so the appearance of an extra dirty aquarium is normal, but what counts is water parameters as stated earlier in this article (which are A+).

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If you are serious about aquarium, a hose and siphon is a must have for cleaning purposes. It is the first and only product of its kind that is on the market today and was designed and manufactured with the highest standards and state of the art technology that far exceeds that of any manual product. This product was designed for an aquarium keeper that takes pride in their tank while not forcing them to sacrifice anything for cleanliness. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this revolutionary product from AquaGenisis.

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Glass aquarium cleaner medium
Recommend to be used on aquariums up to 125 gallons with a surface thickness up to 3/8”
Product dimensions: (3 7/8” x 1 3/8” x 1”)
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Brillianize is the choice for leading commercial and retail aquarium manufacturers around the world. Acrylic or glass, they look their best when cleaned with Brillianize. Manufacturers like , All Glass Aquarium, Reef-One, , and others all use and recommend Brillianize. Major municipal aquariums like Landry's Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado; South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston, South Carolina; The Reptile House in Chicago, Illinois and many others trust Brillianize.A clean is essential for the optimal health of its inhabitants - fish, as well as plants and corals if they are part of the tank ecosystem - and provides them with a comfortable home. A fish tank is a finely balanced ecosystem which can easily become an unhealthy environment if not kept properly clean. Maintaining sanitation in an aquarium requires preparation and the right equipment. All the products and materials needed for the job can be easily found and bought on eBay, which boasts a wide range of equipment for setting up and maintaining the ideal environment for your fish. This is a guide to the process and the essential tools needed for the task.