Aquarium chiller size charts will usually give two recommendations.

One final consideration is the temperature controller. As you can probably guess from the name, the temperature controller helps to control the temperature in the tank, though not directly. It serves as a thermostat of sorts for your aquatic environment, measuring the temperature of the water in the tank and determining when the chiller should start and stop its cycles. Some chillers come with integrated temperature controllers, but if yours does not (or if you want different features) external temperature controllers are available at your local aquarium supply store.

While an  will help keepthe fish tank warm for tropical fish, a chiller keeps the aquariumcool.

#2: When the water runs back from the chiller to your aquarium it will be heated up again by room temperature. Using a long piece of plastic tubing between the chiller and the aquarium is therefore not a good idea. If you have to use a long tube, insulate it properly.

A variety of HP models is available to chill any aquarium.

What is the best aquarium chiller for a saltwater aquarium? Read on to find out more. Keep your tank cool with the Aqua Euro USA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller. Use this aquarium water chiller to dissipate excess heat from your tank water. The heat exchanger features a high BTU rating so it can effectively remove a relatively large amount of heat. The digital LCD display lets you easily set and monitor your water’s desired temperature. Select the water chiller model that will best fit your aquarium setup. An aquarium water chiller is an effective way to offset heat from lights, pumps and warm weather. Warm weather and excess heat from equipment can raise your tank water’s temperature to a point where it is unsafe for your aquatic life. Maintaining the water temperature with an effective water chiller lets you keep your fish and other aquatic life both happy and healthy. The Aqua Euro USA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller is an effective solution to regulating your tank water’s temperature. The powerful compressor in the water chiller is R134a, a Freon-free and ozone-friendly refrigerant. The titanium heat exchange features a high BTU rating, meaning that it is effective at removing a relatively great amount of heat. The Aqua Euro USA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller is designed with a number of other features to make it convenience for both you and your aquarium inhabitants. Rubber mounts ensure quiet operation and reduce vibration so that your fish are not disturbed. This aquarium water chiller features an ABS plastic housing which is both rust-resistant and anti-corrosive. A microcomputer control system with LCD display lets you conveniently set and monitor your desired water temperature. This energy efficient system is easy to set up and operate.

Air dehumidifier modified to become a drop-in aquarium chiller.

Aqua Euro USA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller is a Titanium Chiller for use w/Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums. High quality, durable, reliable & ultra compact design. For use with tanks up to 80 gallons.

IIRC, a few members here use aquarium chiller for PC purpose.