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Biological filtration is absolutely necessary in any aquarium toreduce the maintenance required. However, mechanical filtration andchemical filtration both have their places. Mechanical filtrationhelps maintain , andchemical filtration can take care of problems with or can be used toremove specific toxins or any that is introduced to the system.
It is important that you are aware that your tank water can be crystalclear and still be toxic to your fish, or it can be or dirty looking and be perfectlysafe!

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Because of the high sensitivity of hard and soft corals to chemical changes, reef aquarists fret over dissolved organic compounds. This is where the foam-bubbling protein skimmer comes in. Like activated carbon, it is a form of chemical filtration. Its foaming action chemically removes dissolved organic compounds before they break down. It reduces bioload, the amount of biological material for the biological filter to break down.

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Weco Products Classic Aquarium Carbon Filter Pad Freshwater Aquarium 10 inchx18 inch A special blend of highly activated carbon - an economical filter carbon for the tropical fish hobbyist. Removes colors, odors & poisonous waste from fresh and saltwater aquariums. Can be used in all filter cartridges.

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Insert for Aqueon aquarium filter. A disposable shop rag that doesn't fall apart in water and some charcoal from the hardware store garden section is all that is needed. Made to snap together with the towels and carbon in between.

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The Tri Based Pelletized activated aquarium carbon filter media has a stretched absorption range capable of adsorbing a wide range of pollutants. Large aquarium carbon filter media pellet size allows it to be used in any kind of filter without clogging plastic screens, nor restricting or channeling water flow. This remarkable aquarium carbon filter media pellets are for use in all filters including the new canister aquarium filter, which has been specifically designed for this aquarium carbon filter media pellets.Activated carbon comes in various shapes and sizes and not all activated carbon is equal. The most common shapes are granules and pellets. There are powder forms as well, but those are not used in aquariums. Generally speaking, the more porous and lighter the carbon the more surface area it has for adsorption thereby making it more effective at filtering the water. Many tap water filters are made to use activated carbon and it does a great job at removing odors from the water. This can apply to your aquarium as well.