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Providing the proper lighting is a crucial part of keeping healthy, successful fish, plants and coral. All of these living things are designed to depend on the natural light of their environment for survival; in the wild, the sun provides all the light and radiation they require. In an aquarium environment, however, the role of the sun must be played by artificial lights. Many aquariums do not include lighting fixtures, and, depending on the tank's intended use, an included fixture may not provide adequate or proper light. We want to make sure you find a safe, convenient and correct lighting hood that suits your tank and pets' needs perfectly.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Lighting Hoods store features top quality fixtures from the most trusted brands in the aquarium industry, including Perfecto, Marineland and Tetra. are designed to fit securely into the frame of Perfecto aquariums. The front access panel runs the entire length of the hood for daily maintenance and feeding. are for "fish only" marine tanks or for freshwater low light planted tanks. They bring the energy-efficient, crisp light of LEDs to your tank. are the perfect lighting fixtures for all sizes of aquariums and come complete with long-lasting fluorescent bulbs.

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Fish Tank Stand Designs | Stands : Bookshelf Aquarium Stand & Canopy Plans

This first example is a canopy that I built for a four foot 90 gallon aquarium.I started by building the frame that sits on top of the tank. The outside measurements of this frame are the same as the outside measurement of the aquarium. My lighting will not be wider than the aquarium so I can use those dimensions for this build. I used 2X2 inch lengths of solid pine for the back and sides and a ¾ by 4 inch length of solid pine for the front.I used construction grade wood screws and generous amounts of wood glue to attach the frame pieces together.

SkyFire's Stand & Canopy Design | 3reef Aquarium Forums

Fish Tank Stand Designs | Stands : Bookshelf Aquarium Stand & Canopy Plans Many of the manufactured glass aquariums you see on the market employ plastic or metal bracing around the top of the tank as well as a piece across the center. This allows them to use a thinner (read: cheaper) glass and also provide a bracket to hold glass canopies. Many of the manufacturers will also use angle plastic or metal along the bottom and sides. This can be for cosmetic effect (looks) or to help hold the joints together.


The glass at the bottom and sides of the aquarium can't bend if the silicone adheres to the glass. The normal place for aquarium glass to bend is at the top edges of the front and back panels. The thicker the glass is, the more pressure it can take without bending, or you can simply brace the top edges to keep them from bending.

Building a Aquarium Canopy - Reef Aquarium