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The Bonsai Tree on Rocks is designed for fresh and salt water aquariums. The decoration has a swim through rock formation and a bonsai tree with colorful green branches which can be used as a hiding spot for smaller fish.

This is my first aquarium with bonsai tree and sandfall. Started 26.04 (29days)

Our eco-friendly, authentic driftwood pieces can lighten up any area and create a stunning natural feature that you can be sure will be unique. If you want to have a beautifully aquascaped aquarium with minimal effort and disturbance, we’ve selective bonsai driftwood trees that can be used as beautiful and safe addition to it. By adding our aquarium driftwood to your fish tank, you not only purify and soften its water but also give it a replica of natural habitat. It improves water’s PH level and adds great value to fish tank setup. And, the branches are scattered around the trunk to give http your fish hiding places. Made of natural wooden rot, our well-treated plants are ideal and safe choices for aquatic life. It means that you don’t have to compromise with the aquatic life of the inhabitants. We have displayed our aquarium driftwood for sale in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on how big your fish tank is, you can also pick the one from our range of Manzanita Driftwood Pieces.

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The Japanese have been , so naturally bonsai trees and nature style aquariums go hand-in-hand. Particularly daring aquascapers might even want to create bonsai trees in a saltwater aquarium. This would create truly bizarre, alien scenes. Imagine a bonsai tree that had coral or anemone for its branches rather than leaves. Your aquascape would begin to look like something out of the Star Wars universe, with freaky, carnivorous tentacle-trees that gobble up juicy morsels and host shrimp instead of birds.

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Whether you’re looking for bonsai driftwood tree for Christmas or small aquarium driftwood pieces to beautify your aquarium, you’ll find some of the most sought after options here at the best possible prices. We stand behind every Bonsai driftwood tree we sell and ensure that it will stand the test of time. Add a small bonsai driftwood tree to bring out the best aesthetic qualities of your fish tank! Turn your mundane yard into an outdoor wonderland using our exquisite driftwood pieces in unexpected ways!

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If you like bonsai tree you might wonder if it is possible to put them in an aquarium. They are small enough to fit some of them after all. The problem off course is that these trees do not survive under water. Although this might be enough to out some people off, with a bit of time and lateral thinking, it is possible to achieve a look which will not exactly include a bonsai in an aquarium but will be stunning none the less. You could also add some artificial plants and decorations. I wrote here about other ways of the easy way by using artificial trees.Bonsai driftwood tree, which is a handicraft product, is best used for decoration in aquarium, nature aquarium, arowana tank, fish tank, shrimp tank, terrarium, paludarium, reptile... or a exclusively decorative stuff itself. It is all made by handicraft and natural driftwood in many shape and style to create a natural appearance, bonsai layout, mini landscape, great combination with natural rock and plants.