Aqueon Aquarium Black 24" Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood.

Well when I buy "grow" bulbs the light is decidedly purple or pinkish purple. The plant and aquarium bulbs that I've been able to find look more like a cool white light to the naked eye than the grow bulb. You could use the p&a bulb as regular room lighting and no one would know. I've also seen wide spectrum grow bulbs that look mostly purple, almost like a toned down black light. You get used to the color but it's obviously different unlike the p&a bulbs.

A black-light is essentially a fluorescent bulb that produces light in the 370nm range

The colors we see around us come from the light’s wavelength, measured in Terahertz (THz) or nanometers (nm). Most people can see light ranging from about 700nm (reds) to about 400nm (purples). Blacklights and both produce light from the bottom of the visible light spectrum (the BIV in ROY G BIV). Most actinic lighting for aquariums has a wavelength of about 420-460nm. The higher end of this range (460nm) produces a more blue color light, while the color shifts to purple approaching the lower end (420nm). This type of lighting is still well within what we are capable of seeing. “Blacklights” emit a light below what we as humans are able to see known as ultraviolet or UV light. Yes, this is the same UV light that we wear sunscreen to protect ourselves against! UV lighting is separated into three major ranges. Blacklight bulbs are UV-A bulbs (315-400nm), the spectrum which causes our skin to tan. For comparison, the UV Sterilizers popular in aquariums for eliminating algae, diseases and parasites are UV-C bulbs (200-280 nm), a destructive spectrum that is mostly filtered out by Earth’s atmosphere and the UV-B range in between is the more damaging rays from the sun that causes sunburn and other harmful conditions.

Use in aquariums, cabinet lights, etc

Product - Compact Fluorescent 20w Mini Twist Blacklight Blue Light Bulb. I just set up a top fin 20 gallon starter kit, in which I have some tetras and guppies. However I have noticed that the 18" florescent light bulb that it came with seems to be heating the water very quickly and I am concerned, also the tank at the fish store that I got my cardinal tetras from had a bulb that made the colors of the fish really bright almost like a black light effect. Is there a different type of bulb that I might be able to use that would help the temperature problem and/or make the colors of the aquarium brighter?

Generally, black lights designed for entertainment purposes will ..

All-Glass has a wide variety of aquarium hood sizes (18", 20", 24", 30", 36" and 48") to fit almost any standard gallon sized aquarium. Choice of black or oak finishes. Don't need a full hood fixture? Single, double, and triple bulb light "strips" are available as well.

blacklight-safe for aquarium moonlight