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That icky stuff growing on your decorative aquarium rocks detracts from your underwater interior design. Algae is easy to clean off; correcting the factors that promoted the growth in the first place is more important and requires a bit more effort, but it prevents algae from just coming right back.

In this article, I will review four of the best aquarium algae magnet cleaners for you to choose.

Test your water chemistry and address elevations of ammonia, phosphate, nitrate or other nutrients algae feed on. Make sure your filter and protein skimmer are clean and functioning optimally, and that you're not overfeeding your fish, since uneaten food breaks down and releases nutrients for algae. Check for dead fish, invertebrates or plants in your aquarium -- they give off ammonia and other nutrients as they decompose.

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(2) Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (Glass Aquariums Only) Algae Free Float Plus Cleaners Once aquarium algae starts to overgrow plants, corals and decorations it does make the tank look dirty and can distract from the beauty of your aquarium. Let's talk about the things aquarium algae needs to grow and how to eliminate or reduce these things so we are not constantly scrubbing the tank walls and having to clean the tank instead of viewing our fish, plants and inverts! You can use the info in this algae control article for both and .

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Acrylic aquariums come in a variety of sizes and shapes; they're also lighter than glass tanks, making them popular choices for home fish habitats. Algae can grow on plastic walls just like glass. A little bit of algae is normal, but you want to be able to view your fish through clear walls instead of a green haze.

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Aquarium decorations should be cleaned regularly, along with the fish tank and filter equipment. If you clean the tank, but not the decorations, there will still be algae residue clinging to the plastic plants, castles, pirate ships, and other items in your fish tank. And if there is one thing that is hard to eliminate and remove, it is the brownish and greenish stains caused by algae infestation in your aquarium. Here are some ways to clean your plastic accessories.Algae is bound to grow on your aquarium decorations. These simple tips will keep your aquarium clean, and your fish swimming happily and healthily.There are a lot of fish tank cleaners at your local pet store that can remove algae not only on the walls of your aquarium, but also on your plastic plants and ornaments. There are even algae scrubs and pads that will make it easier for you to remove those greenish and brownish traces on your decorations, thought these items can be a bit more expensive.No matter what you do to keep your aquarium clean, you’ll always have some type of algae in your aquarium system. You can keep it under control with live plants, algae-eating fish, scrapers, and other methods.