How to Split One Air Pump Outlit Into Two - YouTube

– Brass and chromed plated.
– Fit 4mm/6mm standard aquarium air line/tubing.
– Air control switch on each outlet.
– Air Flow Control Distributor Aquarium Lever Pump Valve 3 Ways.
– With the splitter, you can share your air pump with few aquariums.

Aquarium Tank 2 Way Air Flow Distributor Splitter Control Lever Pump Valve

Now you know why the aquarium air pump system is needed, and how it works to oxygenate the water for your fish.
The next question is –
Which aquarium air pump should I get for my fish tank?
You must get an air pump strong enough to produce enough bubbles for the surface movement. All the aquarium air pumps have the manufacturer recommended tank size rated on their boxes. You may use lower rated air pumps on bigger tanks, or vice versa. Some air pumps can have their air flow adjusted at the pump (Ex: ), or you can adjust the air flow by using a controllable air valve. You may also increase the aeration by use a Y-valve to split one air tubing into two, and connect them to two air stones spread cross the fish tank.

How to split an aquarium airline 2 ways - YouTube

Jardin Plastic Aquarium Pump Air Valves Splitter Tube Connector, 5-Piece, Yellow One fact that many first-time buyers of aquarium air pumps might have overlooked is the noise level of the air pump. Some air pumps can be loud and noisy, and they might become louder over time. Choosing an air pump quiet enough is necessary if the noise is an issue for you, it is especially when your aquarium is in the bedroom. From my personal experience, Rena air pumps are the quieter aquarium air pumps. It seems their higher models are in fact quieter despite the fact they are more powerful. has two connectors at the pump, which means you can power two air stones without a Y-valve. Or you can use two Y-valves to split it into 4 air stones for one or more fish tanks. I still keep my air pump inside a closet. Although I had to use a very long air tubing to connect it to my air stones in the fish tanks, I can’t hear the noise at all with the closet door closed.

How to split an aquarium airline 2 ways

We recommend that you use these small manifolds for aquariums. These small air manifolds can exert too much back pressure on your pump if used incorrectly. You may use these small air manifolds to split your air to ceramic type air stones for aquarium applications or in cases where you need to put air stones in various locations around the pond or filter. It allows you to vent off potential back pressure if you are not using all outlets. Use all available air outlets on the manifold. Do not restrict the air pumps ability to breathe and cool itself. See section on Troubleshooting.

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