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Answer: Generally one would attach a length of hose to an air stone or air driven filter and place it to the rear of the aquarium. There are some other options including bubble walls, air driven ornaments, and Natural wood diffusers. It really depends on whether you are seeking a "look" or are using it to aerate the water. It is important to note that you should place the air pump away from the aquarium and above the water level so that you do not create an electrical hazard or allow the water to back up the tube and damage your air pump. Check valves are available from your local pet center and add a level of protection but one should not rely solely on these.

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Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?

Aquarium air pumps are useful to add extra dissolved oxygen in aquariums where this may be lacking due to low flow or warm temperatures. Aquarium Air pumps also can make attractive addition to aquariums and have many ornaments associated with them. Aquarium Air pumps also allow extra water movement and can prevent dead spots. Air pumps however can be loud and annoying and aren't really necessary if filtration is adequate.





Do you have a check valve between the air pump and the tank?

Aquarium Decoration Ornament Fish Tank Air Pump Bubbler Mickey Mouse Disney D63A | eBay This air pump has 4 outlets and is a great choice for people who want to buy an air pump to operate many aquarium devices and ornaments. It comes with a special rubber to keep a steady airflow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely. With 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, you should not hesitate to buy this product.

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Using air pumps to create a dynamic look when used with such items as bubbling air stones with colorful LED lighting or to operate other aquarium action ornaments. The disturbances in the flow and agitation in the water helps operate some action decorations such as skeleton, spinning wheels… and make them look alive.

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Aquarium air pump is a device that brings air into the aquarium. The air pumps are usually very alike however one can choose from many types of decorations, from which the air will come out to the aquarium. The most common is just an air stone which works the way the air stone is put into the aquarium and the pump is started. Another forms are aquarium ornaments like treasure chests, shells, which open if the decoration is full of air, divers and many more.An aquarium air pump is a device that forces air usually through tubing for various purposes. These purposes usually include powering a sponge filter, a decorative ornament, add oxygen to the water, increases surface agitation, or add bubbles for decorative purpose.