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For over twenty seven years Living Color Aquariums has been the leader in custom acrylic products, a tradition which proudly continues today. We specialize in creating exquisite exhibits and displays from aquariums to water features to custom artificial reefs.

Acrylic aquariums up to and including 135 gallons have rounded front corners.

The strength of an acrylic aquarium is one of the top reasons avid aquarium owners choose it as an option. According to , an acrylic aquarium is 17 times stronger than glass, it insulates up to 20 percent better and it is up to 50 times stronger. An acrylic aquarium also offers more agility when needing to be transported since glass can easily be shattered beyond repair.

An acrylic aquarium is flexible, making it an excellent option if choosing to maintain a tank that holds more than 500 gallons or if choosing to place the tank in locations where occasional bumping may take place. The greater the water pressure is inside the tank, the stronger the exterior walls must be. In addition, acrylic beyond 1.25 inches thick can even be considered bulletproof.

Bowing may occur with acrylic surfaces but is unnoticeable as long as the tank is made out of thick enough acrylic for its dimensions -- the taller the tank, the thicker the surface must be. A comparing gallons, thickness and wall-to-top dimensions should be consulted before purchasing takes place.

An acrylic aquarium is also seamless and remains free of any glue remnants on the sides of tank walls. This also benefits the tank's overall clarity and brightness. If a filter, or other aquarium add-on, requires holes to be drilled into the tank's surface, acrylic can bend and form in ways glass cannot.

Although an acrylic aquarium may initially be more expensive than a glass aquarium, it is thought that acrylic will hold its value for longer and not be prone to breakage.

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Corner pentagon with standard gloss black acrylic cabinetry.Corner Pentagon Aquarium A build process of a 120 gallon acrylic aquarium. 48x24x24. Along with a completely removable/slidable 40 gallon acrylic turtle topper 24x24x16. Please like the video :)

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Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes, each with a unique purpose and story. A.G.E. has years of experience working with thousands of customers to build beautiful and extraordinary aquariums. Our Signature Hybrid aquariums are unique to the industry and what we’re most known for. They offer many benefits and utilize a variety of materials; Starphire glass, PVC bases, Acrylic walls and bases and Stainless steel bracing. Leveraging each of these material’s strengths in an aquarium allows our tanks to provide significantly more strength, durability, customization options and reduced weight for our customers.

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A Long-Term Relationship
An aquarium system from ATM is engineered to provide many years of dependability and enjoyment. Aquariums under 300 gallons in capacity carry lifetime warranties against manufacturer defect; 300-gallon aquariums and above are warranted for 5 years. All acrylic is guaranteed for 20 years against discoloration, and flat-sided aquariums are guaranteed to provide undistorted viewing.Consumers who choose custom built fish tanks are those that are often not appeased by the normal aquarium offerings. Many custom fish tanks are created to hold thousands of gallons of water. These huge eco-systems, needs to be cut with precision, molded to perfection and assembled with the best quality materials available today. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing offers this and more.