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I review two feeders: the Aqua Culture Automatic Feeder and the Fish Mate Fish Feeder, based on personal experience. Both feeders are worth buying, but you get what you pay for, and the Fish Mate food dispenser is a better value despite its higher price tag.

So which is the best vacation fish feeder for you? I'd recommend the Fish Mate option. All automatic feeders need to be set up a few days in advance so you can be sure they're working correctly.

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Aqua Culture Feeder:

Penn-Plax Feeder (basically the same as the Aqua Culture):

Fish Mate Feeder:

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Aquapro Fish Feeders ATX User's Manual - … The slow dispensing, weatherproof pond feeder from Fish Mate is a cheap option that is designed to work in all ponds and large aquariums. Its users like that it is very inexpensive, but also note that it is very difficult to calibrate it to dispense the correct amount of food. It is capable of storing up to 21 days worth of food in its large hopper, has a reliable and accurate quartz timer, and a 1 year battery life. This automatic feeder is a poor choice if you are looking for a good-quality feeder for your pond or aquarium.

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Aquapro Fish Feeders ATX user manual - …

This is the test mode of the AquaPro ADF-75 Fish Feeder. The PRE mode starts the lower motor, then the upper motor comes on and starts dropping feed to the lower motor. In POS (Post) mode, the upper motor stops which shuts off the feed to the lower motor, and the lower motor keeps spinning to blow out the rest of the feed.AquaPro® Fish Feeders, Diamond® fish feeders, Remington® Feeders, FeederMax® Wildlife Feeder Systems Feeders, 400/600/800/1000/2000 Lb Capacity, Digital Deer Feeders, Big Game Feeders, American Hunter Feeder Products, Trophy Hunter, Boss Buck - your hunting and sportsman's feeder guide "top-rated" AquaPro® Dock, Lake, Pond or River feeders - Best Buy In FishFeeders and Fish Feeding Systems.Only for the AquaPro or Stren automatic Fish Feeders (2 Motors) Programmable digital timer schedule up to 8 feedings a day Customize feeder run times between 4-90 seconds Built-in battery level monitor Installs quickly and easily Replaces the LPAD Control Unit 1 Year WarrantyThe AquaPro ADF-75 is a quality all metal fish feeder that will provide years of service. It includes a 12v battery, solar panel & wall charger. Other commercial type feeders can cost up to twice as much. When you are serious about feeding your fish, go with the Aquapro ADF-75 Automatic Fish Feeder,