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The AquaLight utilizes a standard 6 inch spa niche so when looking at a replacement color LED light fixture, any of our IntelliBrite 5G Color LED spa lights would fit into the niche. More information on these available here:

New! Pottery Barn Teen Ombre Capiz Chandelier~Pool~ Aqua Light Fixture Dorm Room #PotteryBarnTeen

All of these lights can be dimmed and controlled via the onboard computer–which is arguably the most attractive feature of this fixture. Aqua Light also touts wireless control via BlueTooth, but we’re unsure of what blue tooth devices they intend to incorporate and or use to control the light.

Coralife Mini Aqualight T5 Dual Aquarium Lamp Fixture | Petco

Raymond, The Pentair AquaLight 250W, 120V 50ft. Cord w/ SS Face Ring Fixture is measured: Face Diameter: 5.58 Coralife has a range of products specifically designed to suit your needs. Whether you want to keep a freshwater aquarium with live plants or a large saltwater reef, Coralife provides a light fixture for your application.

Coralife Lunar Aqualight Quad T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixture | Petco

The LED Aqualight provides full-coverage high-intensity lighting required for medium to high light level corals and freshwater plants. Each fixture is preloaded with a combination of 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. Additional open slots can be filled with Tri-lamps to increase light output and customize light color combination.

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