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Great White Shark Tank Aquarium with robotic fish. Unboxing Shark Tank Toy with robotic fish.

The robotic fish is so much fun and cute. His eyes light up with LED lights. He will also fall asleep after 5 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery lift. All you have to do is tap the side of the tank and he comes to life and swims around and plays just like a real fish would do. This cute little angelfish could be an easy pet for your child. Just find a place to put the tank and you have a cute little pet. :)

The fish is also powered by electro-magnetic propulsion. This technology allows the fish to swim in different directions and dive up and down. The fish comes complete with batteries. Very easy to setup and is ready to play right out of the box, just add water!

My son loves playing with this Shark Tank Aquarium. He likes to grab the little fish with the great white shark's mouth. He also loved the splashing and getting everything wet!

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Here we have two of the best Robotic Fish pets readily available in Toy Shops and major retailers - The AquaBot by HexBug and Robo Fish by Zuru. Both have similar swimming abilities, one is semi-transparent, one looks more a real fish. See which one you think swims and looks better in this 'swim off' !

What caught my eye was that this Robotic Fish looks like a Clown Fish and as I thought 'Finding Nemo' was a great movie thought it would be fun to have my very own digital electronic fish.... without needing to feed or clean or look after a real fish.
I think this is a very realistic looking fish and unless you look very closely - this looks just like a real Clown Fish swimming in a Fish Tank!
See which you think is the right one for you.

Note - The Robo Fish does have a 'Automatic turn off' timer where after 4 minutes the Robo Fish will stop swimming and float to the surface to save the batteries when left unattended. However - mine seems to swim for almost 10 minutes before it stops !
Maybe it is simply having too much fun ?!

Aqua Shimmer Reel 'N Catch Fish Game - Yellow - Toys"R"Us

Orbeez Pool Robotic Fish!!! Orbeez Pool Robotic Fish Turtle Aqua Growing Water Ball Toys Mett the Aquabots!! These robotic fish are one of the best I have seen so far. In this video, we compare them inside the tank to Lil Fishys fish, and you can see the kids assembling the unit and playing with it. It also shows how bright the light is since the box claims that there is a light for seeing them at night. Approx retail of this toy is $47 - Buy it here:
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Best Learning Colors Video For Children Learn Colours Sea Animals Robotic Fish Aqua Bot Kids Toys

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We have many videos to help your Toddlers learn many types of animals, colors and numbers counting in a fun and creative way.

Beanie Boos Aqua the Blue Fish - Clip - Learning Express Toys