A Comprehensive Review of the Back to the Roots Aquafarm Fish Tank

Preemption. The aquafarm’s negligence, products liability, and implied warranty claims were not preempted by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) because there was a material issue of fact as to whether the defendant could have manufactured fish food that included a sufficient amount of taurine without supplementing it. The FDCA presumes food additives are unsafe until their use is authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA regulations regarding food additives provide that taurine is safe for use in animal feeds as long as it is added to complete feeds such that the total taurine content does not exceed 0.054 percent of the feed. In order for the claims to be preempted, the court stated that there would have to be indisputable evidence that the manufacturer could not provide a feed satisfying the aquafarm’s minimum taurine requirement without using supplementation because supplementation would violate the FDCA and FDA regulations.

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Our first venture into agriculture is with United Aquafarm Ventures, Inc. The company started out as a private business entity back in 2012 in aquaculture business – managing their fish cages in Laguna de Bay. Fish-farming being a huge business potential, the owners decided to offer the same opportunity to other investors and eventually, they came up with the “AquaNegosyo Program” which they have opened up further to the public, which now, includes us.

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Back to the Roots 'Aquafarm' Aquaponic Indoor Garden with Self Cleaning Fish Tank | Nordstrom Also, the coupon for a 99 cent fish from Petco was a big plus considering that many of us waited a while for our AquaFarms to arrive. Back to the Roots started this project through crowdfunding which often has delays and they were very good at communicating with me about why it was taking so long (design improvements) and when my system would arrive.

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As I said, once here, the system was easy to put together. The only problem that I faced was that the pump that is meant to move water up to the growbed above just wasn’t achieving the pressure needed. I searched online and found nothing and was shaking my head in disbelief. Finally, I took the grow bed and pump all the way out and I think that let the air that was stuck in there balance out. In any case, immediately after placing it back it worked as a charm. Now my AquaFarm is running well it seems and my new fish “Guns” seems very content with his new home.

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