Hagen AquaClear 30 Power Head, 175 GPH.

This impeller shaft is used for AquaClear 110 power filter. Also used for AquaClear powerhead pump models 50, 402. Measures 1-inch length by 2-inch width by 4-inch height.

Hagen AquaClear 30 Power Head, 175 GPH.

This filter fits AquaClear Powerheads (except models 110 and 901), and is ideal for polishing water after maintenance. Turns your powerhead into a "Quick Filter" for rapid removal of most particulate waste (as small as 1-micron). Includes extra-fine weave of duo-density polyester pad and internal frame to prevent pad from clogging input to powerhead. Use continuously or periodically when needed. Also allows for extra circulation when needed without the risk of the powerhead drawing in small fish or anemone. Powerhead not included. Filter measures 2-1/2" diameter x 7" high.

AquaClear Power Head Quick Filter Attachment

Hagen AquaClear 20 Power Head, 127 GPH. The convenient suction cups and attachment brackets with an adjustable clamp allow the Aqua Clear Powerhead to be mounted in most aquariums with either rim or glass mounts.

Hagen AquaClear 20 Power Head, 127 GPH.

The AquaClear 50 offers a decent water flow with the ability to be used as an under gravel filter, complete control over the direction and flow speed, as well as air injections. This is a true all in one powerhead for a decent price, but it does not excel in any one area. It is more of a jack of all trades, and fairly good at them all too.

Hagen Aquaclear Powerhead Quick Filter Attachment