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Finding Anubias in your local pet- or aquarium store usually shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and you may also come across local aquarists who are willing to trade it for another plant, give it away for shipping cost or sell it for a low price. Anubias barteri and its dwarf cousin Anubias barteri “nana” are the most common varieties. Other types include Anubias coffeefolia (creeping growth), hastifolia (arrowhead shaped leaves), congensis (very tall) and frazeri (elongated leaves).

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Anubias coffeefolia is recognized as one of the most beautiful and robust aquarium plant on the market. The color combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. It is also suitable for terrariums and paludariums. It produces flowers frequently in immersed condition which make the aquarium more attractive among the pet fish lovers. It is available in all local aquarium fish traders and online vendor. If you want to purchase it online from home, look below to purchase your Anubias Coffeefolia today!

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30%OFF Anubias Nana Live Freshwater Aquarium Plant Planting Methods: Anubias plants can grow in aquarium gravel, aquarium substrate, attached to rocks, driftwood, or decorations. While aquarium gravel may be adequate, anubias plants seem to do much better when planted in nutrient rich substrate or when attached to porous rocks or driftwood. My personal preference is substrate. Another aspect of anubias care relates to planting. When planting Anubias Barteri its important to not completely bury the rhizome. Instead, make sure the rhizome is on top of the substrate so that the rhizome visible to the eye.

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Anubias are flowering species and will form seeds, but aquarists usually propagate Anubias plants using stolon division. You can also wait for side shoots to develop. In order to make the stolon survive, you have to make sure that the entire stolon is located above the substrate. Stolons growing in the substrate easily succumb to rot.

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