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It is found in various reefs of , most common in Marshall, Line, and Cook Islands. The fish is also, although less commonly, found in the Hawaiian Islands. Particularly, the flame angelfish can be found on the foreslope of coral reefs and clear lagoons.

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Q. Are angelfish hard to raise?
A. Not as long as you have the right conditions for them. Angelfish are a species of cichlid native to South America, and as with all fish, you need to get the water condition as close to their natural habitat as possible. The recommended water temperature ranges from 75 to 84F; I like to keep mine at 80 to 81F. Water should be slightly soft, with a slightly acidic pH between 6.0 and 7.5 (mine is at 6.0.)

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Once the baby angelfish have become free swimming you will need to feed them. I make baby brine shrimp for my baby angelfish and I […] The flame angelfish () is a of the found in waters of the . Other common names include flame angel, flaming angelfish, and Japanese pygmy angelfish.

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Camp Angelfish is a week-long overnight camp for children at a variety of ability levels. We rent the beautiful facilities on Lake Winnepesaukee and provide traditional camp experiences under the guidance of co-directors who are occupational and physical therapists. Activities include swimming, fishing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, arts and crafts, sports, zip-lining, live entertainment, aqua glide, Bingo, and much more. Children can come to this camp with a 24-hour aide, or agroup of 2 or 3 children share an aide. Additionally, we offer a sibling program, so that families can also enjoy this leisure experience. for more information.

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Cindy and Ailene began working in Aquatic Therapy as an extension of their therapy businesses. They connected and a wonderful partnership was formed. Together they launched in the company Angelfish Therapy.Swim Angelfish is devoted to helping children of all abilities learn how to swim. The company, originally founded as an Aquatic Therapy service, has grown to include Swim Lessons, Camps and Training as a direct result of the need to help all children become confident and safe in the water.Swim Angelfish is devoted to helping children of all abilities learn how to swim faster and with less discomfort than traditional swim methods since 2000.Swim Angelfish swimming lessons go far beyond getting children with special needs comfortable in the water. While learning to swim and interact with water is the evident part of swimming lessons, the benefits of swimming for special needs children transcend the pool. Below are some of the many ways swimming has a positive impact on