There are different strains of angelfish, and they range in color.

Length: 24 inches (60 cm)
Special Design Feature: The bright colorsof the angelfish warn other species to stayaway from their territory. Also, they are verygraceful and quick, enabling them to escapepredators and defend their home territory.
Did you know? Angelfish are the mostbeautiful and highly colored fish of the reefs.

There are many types of freshwater angelfish with many different color varieties including:

There are many different types of angelfish to choose from in addition to the varieties covered. No matter what your taste is in coloration or pattern, you will find an angelfish to suit you. Angelfish have fascinated hobbyists over the years, and will continue to do so as they majestically cruise through the waters of our home aquariums.

Bicolor Angelfish, Two Colored Angelfish - Centropyge bicolor

The good thing is that this angelfish can be combined with any other color angelfish. is a small of fish from the known to most aquarists as "angelfish". All species originate from the , and various rivers in the in tropical South America. The three species of are unusually shaped for being greatly laterally compressed, with round bodies and elongated triangular dorsal and anal fins. This body shape allows them to hide among roots and plants, often on a vertical surface. Naturally occurring angelfish are frequently striped longitudinally, colouration which provides additional . Angelfish are ambush and prey on small fish and . All species form pairs. are generally laid on a submerged log or a flattened leaf. As is the case for other cichlids, brood care is highly developed.


verybody loves an angel! They are some of the most spectacularly colored fishes on the coral reef. In captivity, they can become as personable as the family dog once they have adjusted. Occasionally, a "new" angelfish will show- up in North American aquarium stores. In most cases, these are deepwater members of the genus or some unusual color form of a more common species. But there are a number of angels that have been staples in the hobby for years that still inspire awe in the serious aquarist. Two of these "oldies but goodies" are the queen angelfish ( ) and the blue angelfish ( ). In this article, we will examine the natural history and husbandry of these Atlantic lovelies.

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