Baby Angelfish just after hatching. - YouTube

After the fry have hatched out of their eggs they feed off the yolk sacs for approximately 5 days or until they are fully absorbed. Once they become free swimming they are ready to eat twice daily, meals of newly hatched baby brine shrimp, microworms, or fry powders. Be sure not to over feed them because they will eat as long as food is available to them. Be sure to complete frequent partial water changes of about 20% being careful not to siphon the tiny babies. After 3 to 4 weeks the babies take on the appearance of the angelfish that they are and will finally be ready to start eating crushed flake food. Be sure to continue feeding them a highly nutritious diet for health reasons as well as fin and color development. Happy, healthy fish will develop gorgeous color and fins.

A: Or a couple mystery snails. Pros raise their baby corys in with their angelfish fry.

Angel fish (Smokey) and 10 guppies that i bred. Their mother was blue, but the males have come out as a rather attractive metalic colour. the females are fairly dull (but they have some good DNA, and thats what counts!) i love metalic guppies, but whenever i bye them they always seem to die. so imagine my suprise when i bought a gravid blue female and ended up with 5 beautiful metalic males! i was very happy, because only one of them died (there were 6). i had intended to sell them, but she only had 12 babies, and i like them so much i kept them instead! it would have been different if she had 30 though!

Smokey is the last of 6 angel fish i bought some time ago (the other five pegged it shortly after i bought them). She has grown a lot since i bought her, but it is hard to see that if you look at both the videos of her i have posted because she is now in a much bigger body of water.

You may also notice Hudini near the end of the video (red danio). he has recently taken up residence in the angel fish tank following the death of his mate (they can both be seen spawning in 2 of my other videos).

Baby Angelfish, from eggs just hatching, to fry of one week old.

About two months old update on my Angelfish babies, they now have formed the Angelfish shape and are very cute. I am thinking of having a 20 gallon long tank for my apartment and start having some fish again. I miss them! However, I don't think I will be able to raise babies from eggs again. It was a lot of work for me (I am in a wheelchair). I hope to find a good strong table that can support a tank and is low enough for me to reach, to do the water change and cleaning the filter from my chair with ease. I may want some fancy guppies and a couple of angelfish. Yes, I know guppies make babies! I can always give some that survive to my sister. She has many tanks.

Angelfish babies eating newly hatched brine shrimp - YouTube

Couple of angel fish and their babies, both of them(parents) were attacked to other fishes(even they were partitioned off a piece of glass) and protected their babies.

Angelfish Taking Care of Babies - YouTube