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High ammonia levels is one of the biggest and most common killers of fish. Ammonia affects fish by causing the blood to lose its ability to carry oxygen. If you have fish you should be checking routinely for ammonia buildup. This is a simple test kit that can be used for aquariums. If you have fish problems an ammonia test is extremely important. Read about Fish Care and ammonia, . If you are unsure about testing or results, please do not hesitate to call us.

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Taking a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor aquarium conditions is the key to a healthy aquarium. Tropical fish continually release ammonia into the aquarium through their gills, urine and solid waste. Uneaten food and decaying organic matter also add ammonia to the water. Even small amounts of ammonia stress fish; large amounts of ammonia will kill fish. Ammonia is the number one killer of tropical fish. The API® AMMONIA TEST KIT is mercury-free, salicylate test for fresh and saltwater fish. The AMMONIA TEST KIT tests ammonia levels from 0 to 8 ppm.

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Shop Tetra for a variety of aquarium testing kits, like our EasyStrips Aquarium Ammonia Test Kit! Conditions in aquarium water naturally change over time, so it becomes necessary to regularly test your tank water to make sure it is healthy and stable. Bulk Reef Supply sells a variety of test kits to best fit your needs - Elos, Red Sea, Salifert and Elos master test kits that include essential tests for your aquarium type: pH, hardness, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and oxygen — all necessary factors to that need to be maintained to ensure a healthy and thriving tank.

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To detoxify ammonia, use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals AMMO-LOCK to instantly lock up ammonia. AMMO-LOCK does not remove ammonia, it simply converts toxic ammonia to a non-toxic form. Ammonia test kits will still test positive for ammonia, even though it is non-toxic. The biological filter will then consume the non-toxic ammonia, converting it to nitrite and then to nitrate.

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The quick and accurate way to test for the presence of ammonia. This kit reads 0-6 ppm of ammonia. Desiccant-lined tube, with snap-tight cap, provides maximum moisture protection for accurate results. Highly precise color charts. Dip directly into aquariumno separate vial needed. Includes information on how to correct unsafe water conditions. For fresh and salt waterThis video demonstrates how to use the API Liquid Ammonia Test kit. The test kit is designed for testing freshwater and saltwater aquariums. There are two different color cards; a freshwater and a saltwater card. Also note that the correct way to add drops of reagent is to hold the bottle completely upright. The test tube must sit for five minutes for the correct color to develop. Read the test after five minutes. The color is stable for more than five minutes but Ideally you should read the results at 5-6 minutes. Note that the measurement is taken by holding the test tube against the color card. That is how we calibrate the color cards to the test tube.