Amazon Sword, a Midground Plant for Freshwater Aquariums.

Note: Aquarium plants should never be released into local lakes or rivers. Doing this can cause damage to natural habitat and native species might be outcompeted for nutrients, light and space. If you have to get rid of unwanted plants, you can sell them, destroy them, give them away or dispose of them properly. Composting is also a great option.

When you have the proper aquarium, you can give it an Amazon theme. You can use plants, driftwoods, stones, specific gravel, and specific fish.

In the tropics many regions have wet and dry seasons. In these conditions some plant species have adapted to store resources in a bulb over the dry season which can then feed new leaves when the rains return (e.g. some Aponogetons). Other plants can adapt their growth for being periodically emersed and immersed, growing different stems and leaves when in and out of water. Many of the popular aquatic plants come in to this category (e.g. Amazon Sword plants, Echinodorus). More about how these plants need to adapt to grow in your aquarium later.

Live Aquarium Plants - 16 different kinds - Amazon Sword, Anubias

Any pet store that sells aquarium plants should have Amazon sword plants. Echinodorus amazonicus or Amazon Sword is a very popular aquatic plant among the freshwater hobbyists due to its hardiness and gorgeous green coloration. It is native to Brazil and in nature it occurs in lakes, river, swamps and wet ground of the Amazon basin where it is found growing submersed in 50 to 100 cm deep stagnant to slow-flowing water. At present it is now widely cultivated on farms around the world. It is the ideal background plant for any planted tank. It can grow partially submersed condition and makes it a good addition to terrariums or ripariums as well as the traditional planted tank. It is easy to grow and it produces lush green foliage that looks quite attractive in the aquarium.

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Amazon biotope fishes
A lot of popular aquarium fish hails from the Amazon region and will love to be placed in an Amazon biotope aquarium. If they have been captive bred for generations they might have adapted a tolerance for harder and less acidic conditions, but many of them really flourish when they are placed back in the type of environment that their ancestors hail from. Be careful however, changes always have to be slow and gradual.

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