Softens aquarium water and helps recreate Amazon River conditions ..

To investigate the idea, we audited Amazon’s pet supplies category to find out how industry participants are managing their ecommerce content. Our investigation covered a wide variety of industry participants beyond pet food. Toys, grooming supplies, and aquarium equipment, among other product types, were also included in the audit.

Nov 29, 2016 - Today only over on Amazon, save on aquariums and supplies

you should not be purchasing from Amazon or any of the disguised aquarium/pond supply retailers such as My Fish Place, Pet Mountain, etc.

Amazon Aquarium & Pets - Pet Stores - 4219 W Thunderbird Rd ..

2016, Tuccinardi, M., The Tiny Amazon City that Supplies Aquarium Fish to the .. While the title of this article is about why one should not use Amazon for their aquarium/pond supplies.
Even worse though, is to not use their community generated reviews which are horribly inaccurate.
The reviews are often based on a one time use of the product, often incorrectly based on lack of time, lack of controlled testing, or incomplete parts. As well science such as PUR in lighting is never even mentioned.
My observation is based on continued use, often in controlled comparisons, correct installation, and suggestions from other professionals in the aquarium keeping field.

Petco Double Sided Amazon Aquarium Background | Petco

I wanted to make this video available in order to show you different options. When I usually order, my typical wait time for Aquarium Supplies is a week! With this option, I can take advantage of the free 2 day shipping that comes with this service.
I do not work for or get anything from Amazon, but Just wanted to let you know about the other options available. Thanks for watching! LIKE/SUBSCRIBE! Happy Reefing!

Background fits 30-75 gallon aquariums

Then, reading how the Amazon CEO treats his employees provides, anyone with any morals, can even more have a snap-shot of why this is not the company to purchase your aquarium/pond supplies from.