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Minnesota has many interesting kinds of fishes. Some are ubiquitous, like the toothy and predatory northern pike. And some are less abundant, such as the primitive looking paddlefish. Some are exceedingly popular with anglers, like walleye, crappie, and bass, while other species, such as eelpout, not nearly so much.

There are two kinds of crappie, the and the . The black crappie prefers clear water and has seven to eight dorsal spines and black spots scattered randomly over its body. The white crappie is slimmer than the black, has five or six dorsal spines, and its spots tend to form vertical bars on it sides. In turbid water, white crappie usually predominate. Both kinds feed on invertebrates and small fish. Their reproduction is similar to that of the bass and bluegill. The minimum length at maturity is 6-7 inches. They tend to overpopulate if there is not enough predation on the young. In combination with larger numbers of bass, they grow rapidly and often reach lengths of 10-12 inches.

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Old Market vendors buy fish of similar quality from the same wholesalers and at the same prices as uptown vendors do. , since Old Market fish vendors' businesses are as profitable as those uptown, the volume of the Old Market vendors' daily fish sales must, on average, be higher. , The prices for all kinds of fish sold in Eastville's downtown Old Market are much lower than the prices charged at uptown seafood stores.

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The impressive diversity of fish species in this river has been known (and celebrated) since 1590, with poetry containing the earliest mention that the Trent contains 30 kinds of fish. The earliest actual list of fish in the river is from 1641. Over the centuries some species have since become locally extinct, and other species have been introduced.

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