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Other than the new advice on minimum weekly fish consumption, most of the other federal recommendations are essentially the same ones given in 2004. The agencies advise that young children and women of childbearing age avoid four fish with the highest mercury levels: swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico. They are also considering adding marlin and orange roughy to that list.

This is a list of fish found in the Adventure, Time Trial, and Challenge modes of the game.

This is a list of all fish in base gameand the , , , , and , all of which add new fish types to the game. Use this list as a reference to know the best bait for each fish. Once you've caught plenty of a certain type of fish in the Sims 3, you can use a neat feature.

White, Yellow, Striped & their Hybrids

This category lists all of the different types of fish that can be caught by an  in Fantasy Life. This list is broken into “fatty fish” (over 5 percent fat by weight) and lean fish (under 5 percent). These designations are for fish caught in the wild. Generally speaking, their farm-raised counterparts are higher in fat.

Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted/Kentucky

Fish List for Collectors
If you want to complete your Fish Collection, this is the list for you. Here are all the Fish and a good Fishing Spot for each Rare and Uncommmon, with Icons so that you can tell what Fish are missing.

Black, Bighead, Common, Grass, Silver

You'll note that the fish levels are not listed here. This is because they are largely irrelevent. If you are using the right bait, you can catch exotic fish early. Please consult my , , and fishing spots guides to learn where to specifically catch all of the fish in the Sims 3.The purpose of this list is to give the reader an idea of whichspecies of fish are generally considered . In practice however, its use isvery limited. Here are lists of types of fish added by the various Expansion Packs for those looking to collect them all or find out what is new in ther EP. The lists provide each fish's bait, their rarity, and the max simoleons that is in the game which is a relative comparison of fish value as they increae with weight.Why It's Bad: Also called yellow or silver eel, this fish, which frequently winds up in sushi dishes, made its way onto the list because it's highly contaminated with PCBs and mercury. The fisheries are also suffering from some pollution and overharvesting.The Saltwater Fish Life List is a challenge to catch the following 71 different species of saltwater fish. FWC encourages responsible angling. Remember proper when fishing. Anglers do not have to harvest their fish to be eligible and are encouraged to release their catches alive.Fishing is the main purpose of . Of course, to do that, you need fish. In this is a list of all of the different species of fish that are in this game, other species, and more. Fish in Wii fishing resort may not be that accurate in size or shape. The fish in this game are fish from all over the globe. There is Japanese, American, European, Islandic, African, Arctic, deep sea, oriental, even from South America. There are Carnivorous (eat meat), Herbivorous (eat plants), Piscivorous (eat fish), Insectivorous (eat insects), and Omnivourous (eat all of the above). You can catch them with a series of artificial baits, techniques, and equipment. Some fish may be as little as 0.15 feet, but others can get over 21 feet. Many will break your line, so you have to be careful.