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In all cases above, do not buy!.. its better to get good quality fish from a good aquarium supplier. Healthy Discus are always attentive, their fins are spread nicely, and they move gracefully about.

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For the serious hobbyist, the Aqualog series are often part of their library. , published in 1998, covered every discus and angelfish variant to date. This volume covers all the new crossbreeds from the previous volume up tp 2004. Discus lovers will enjoy the one hundred plus high-quality photos, as well as the most recent information about new Discus variants. If you keep any of the Aqualog series, this one is a good addition to your collection. You may also wish to

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Here is what I have been doing with my discus for many years with great success. All about feeding discus fish. Whats going on guys! In this video I talk about the Ph in a Discus Aquarium and how it is not required to have a low ph to grow Discus and keep them! Thanks For watching!

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Some owners will even make homemade food for their fish using cow hearts. Since these can dirty up your tank, make sure that you're first familiar with how to clean your tank.

Also, if you want to breed discus, be sure to give them many live foods. Live foods can actually stimulate spawning.

Keep in mind that in the wild, discus eat small shrimp, insects, insect larvae, small fish, and plant material.

After reading about these food options, will you be giving your fish new foods? Gradually introduce new food to help your discus adjust. Sometimes, a discus won't eat for a few days, until it gets used to its new foods.

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Moreover, take some form of tubing and create a syphon to allow a few drops of water to drip into a bucket every second (this is the bucket in which your fish are after you have bought them from the store). This will slowly get them used to the water in your tank. Let this process occur for about 30 minutes before you introduce the discus fish into your tank. The Discus is one of only a few found outside of . They are found inhabiting sections of deep, calm, well-wooded waters in the Amazon Basin and its tributaries. These slow-moving rivers and backwaters of the Amazon river system that stretch through , Columbia and , provide the perfect for these large , which generally shelter amongst the submerged roots and branches. Discus are known to be fussy about the water conditions in artificial and are not for the inexperienced keeper. In their , Discus inhabit soft, acidic, and very warm waters, where there is less competition from other Fish.