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Salt-water algae eaters are not like tropical algae eaters. Salt-water fishes are too attractive and colorful. They are also active and cute creatures. However, they do have a similar character like tropical fishes; yes, they are also aggressive and are regional. They feed on the algae attached to corals and rocks. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate their tanks with corals and rocks.

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Saltwater fish who eat algae are another choice. You might consider angelfish, blennies or tangs. The angelfish and tang are smart additions because they will nibble constantly on green algae. Meanwhile the blennies are outstanding due to their ability to eat both red and green algae without damaging decorations. Keep in mind, saltwater fish cannot live by algae alone; they must also be fed an appropriate diet recommended by the breeder.

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Is there an algae eater in the saltwater realm? | Saltwaterfish Forum The old saying Dilution is the solution to pollution applies to marine aquariums too. Making water changes, using reverse osmosis water, removes nitrate, phosphate and organics. Be sure to siphon out debris that accumulates at the base of live rock. For saltwater fish tanks, use a gravel siphon to keep the crushed coral clean. It’s an easy and effective way to keep algae under control and your saltwater tank looking great!

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Algae growth speeds up in warm water. If your saltwater aquarium is overheating there is a good chance an algae bloom is coming your way. If your aquarium water is too warm you may need to switch over to cooler LED light fixtures. produce less heat, consume less energy and last for years. High water temperatures can also be caused by water pumps transferring heat to the water. No matter the cause overheated water can be controlled with an . Reducing the water temperature to a safe level will also eliminate heat stress on corals and fish.

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On the saltwater aquarium, too much algae can suffocate marine life, and too little is not healthy for animals who need algae in their diet. To control and get rid of algae in the saltwater aquarium you need some sea animal like fish and snail who eat algae such Surgeons or Tangs and Turbo Snails. For more details please check out our list of best saltwater algae eaters below.Of all the irksome algae that can take hold in a saltwater aquarium, hair algae probably causes hobbyists more consternation than any other. So named for its hair-like, furry, or feathery appearance, this filamentous algae (for the sake of simplicity, I’ll use “algae” for both the singular and plural forms of the noun) is primarily an aesthetic issue in fish-only aquariums, but in reef systems, it can quickly overgrow and smother corals, turning a once thriving system into a tangled, unsightly mess.