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First of all, at Cool Ponds, we are not duck experts. But we are pond experts and can relate our experience to you. Yes, if you do research on the internet you may find articles that tell you mallards will eat your fish. And if your fish are very, very small and happen to be swimming in some string algae, they just might pick them up with their next bite of algae. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (they are experts), a mallard's diet consists of "insects and larvae, aquatic invertebrates, seeds, aquatic vegetation, and grain."

Which Fish Eat Pond Algae?

Do Biological Filters Remove Algae?
The natural pond cycle, or biological filtration, is designed to remove harmful ammonia released by fish, decomposing plants and algae, and uneaten fish food. Biological filters do not "eat" or kill algae. Pond filters will, however, trap suspended matter and help keep the water clear and clean. Be sure to rinse or replace filter pads and sponges regularly to keep the filters working efficiently.

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Pond Fish:Algae Eaters: Dojo Loach Like many other loaches, dojo loaches are slender and eel-like. They can vary in color from yellow to In most cases, all of these snails will prefer to algae over other plants in your tank or mini-pond. However, if they run low or out of algae, then plants are probably fair game to them. There are fish species that are far better algae eaters, but as far as I know, none are goldfish compatible.

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Watermeal resembles small grains floating on the water surface; no roots are present. Duckweed typically consists of a leaf or cluster of leaves with small roots that hang down into the water. Leaves and stem are not distinguishable from each other. From a distance, duckweed is often mistaken for pond algae; it may form a thick, green blanket on the water surface. Duckweed is not interconnected as is filamentous algae. Watermeal resembles green cornmeal floating in the water. Duckweeds and Watermeal provide food for waterfowl, marsh birds, and support insects that fish eat. Duckweeds and Watermeal may shade out larger submerged plants.

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