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Hello e, That would depend on what type of Ivy it is for starters…some can be toxic to aquatic animals. In general though, there are really no algae-eaters that do well in an unfiltered, unheated vase. You could try a snail like the freshwater Nerites in this blog or a few of the small nuisance snails common in freshwater planted aquariums (ask any friends with freshwater planted tanks or check with your local fish stores that have freshwater plants…they will likely have a few to spare for you).

A variety of topical fish, snails and shrimp are sold as algae-eaters for the freshwater aquarium

The beautiful and expensive zebra pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) is, oddly, not an algae-eater. It wants more meaty foods in its diet.
Nerite snails. Lately, some attractive nerite snails have shown up in shops. They survive for a time in freshwater and eat algae, but they require saltwater to breed. So nerites are not the best choice for a freshwater aquarium.
Fish are only one type of animal that eats algae. There are many algae-eating snails, shrimp and clams that can be interesting additions to your tank. Florida flagfish (Jordanella floridae) are great additions to the aquarium that has a brush or beard algae problem. Most other algae-eaters won’t eat this type of algae.

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Siamese Algae Eater | Freshwater fish | Pinterest | Siamese and Articles The Siamese Algae eater is a freshwater fish found in every pet store. Although they have unique features, very often they are confused with other fish so pay great attention when buying one.

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Best Ever Algae Eating Fish I Had in My Aquarium. Algae eaters are a great addition in a freshwater tank to help control and reduce unsightly and potentially damaging algae prorogation.
There are many types of algae eaters: fish, shrimp, and snails. Pick one based on the size of your tank and the type of fish your are keeping. The last thing you want, is for your algae eater to be eaten.
Along with introducing algae eating fish you also need to take care on balancing nutrients, lighting, Co2 and water quality in your aquarium in order to keep algae at minimum levels.
When choosing an algae eating fish, you should always check to see which fish you already have and which fish you want to get, to make sure they are compatible fish tank mates. Failure to do so will result in fighting, and sometimes death.

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