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Once aquarium algae starts to overgrow plants, corals and decorations it does make the tank look dirty and can distract from the beauty of your aquarium. Let's talk about the things aquarium algae needs to grow and how to eliminate or reduce these things so we are not constantly scrubbing the tank walls and having to clean the tank instead of viewing our fish, plants and inverts! You can use the info in this algae control article for both and .

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Nutrient input can come from two places: the water used for water changes and feeding. The water used for water changes can introduce nitrate and phosphate into the system. Feeding can greatly contribute to nutrient input in many ways. Any food will introduce nitrate and phosphate, but higher quality foods will introduce less. Foods with lower quality ingredients are less digestible and therefore more passes through the fish and comes out as waste. Overfeeding also contributes to excess nutrients because the extra food will simply rot. In a marine aquarium the nutrient input caused by using tap water can be the difference between a pristine reef aquarium and an algae farm. Marine reef ecosystems have almost no free nutrients in the water column. What is introduced by using tap water is more than enough to exceed natural conditions and provide more than enough food for marine algaes.

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Controls the main and most persistent types of algae in freshwater aquariums A combination of algae eating fish, shrimp, and snails will do a good job controlling the algae in your aquarium. You must understand that algae control is not algae eradication. You should never rely only on the algae eaters. They will help, but not a cure-it-all solution by itself.

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Since the algae is a simple form of life, it can be out-competed by real aquatic plants if the plants are given what they need. is a good way to boost plants’ competitiveness. With more CO2, plants will start to absorb large amount of nutrients from the water and at the same time it will starve the algae. This method only works for heavily planted aquariums.

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