Does this product work with a cleaner fish or algae eater fish?

The first step some aquarium owners take when they realize they have an algae issue is to go out and purchase algae-eating fish. They toss the fish in the tank, and wait for them to clean everything up. Eventually they realize the fish aren’t getting the job done, but it’s not because they are lazy or on a diet.

Part 1 looks at janitorial invertebrates good at algae control, sand sifting, detritus control, and fish cleaning

Some people believe that “Because it’s got a suckermouth, it will eat algae”. There are many kinds of suckermouth fish that will not live on algae, not even survive on it. A suckermouth is much more a sign of the type of water they live in – fast flowing water, where the suckermouth is a way to maintain their position in the flow without having to swim – not a sign of their diet. Sure, many types of these fish do indeed feed at least partly on algae, but many others are not at all algae eaters. For example, eats wood, and will not clean algae from glass or stone. is a carnivore, which will feed on mussels, crustaceans and freshwater sponges, and not touch algae at all.

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Making a Homemade Algae Fish Tank CleanerIf you have these items it's much cheaper to use them instead of spending about $20 for one. Thanks for the very helpful article. Definitely agree with the ancistrus (Bristlenose Pleco), they’re awesome tank cleaners, very peaceful and especially the spotted variety and males with bristles become quite striking fish. The other bonus with them is that you can keep them peacefully with others of their species, which usually brings out aggression in Chinese Algae Eaters and the Plecostomus.

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We have 20 liter tank with one betta male fish. We clean his tank every 4 weeks. But I would love a algae eater. This is just fresh water and we have no pumps or anything like that. What kind of algae eater do you suggest.

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