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I have 2 Albino Tiger Barbs and 1 Tiger Barb in a 15 gallon tank. They are in there with a Red Flame Honey Gourami and a Rainbow shark. Surprising they do not nip at his fins like so many rumors say they do. They are great fish and very energetic and cheap too! I got mine for 99 cents apiece. I recommend these to anyone.


I have a large school of tigers/ albinos and greens in my 75(soon to move up to a 125) and they go after themselves while they are fighting for dominance, but my red tail shark controls that tanks and keeps the barbs in check. I also have some cherry, gold and Odessa barbs but they all stay to themselves mostly. I have a pleco, and sailfin molly(who is probably the worst behaved fish in the tank, always the other fish) 3 silver flying fox and 2 red flying fox and 3 panda garra, along with snails and shrimp, you can see why I’m moving them to a 125. But the barbs don’t bother any of the other fish, mostly because if they leave their corner of the tank the shark just chases them back lol, it’s his tank.

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ALBINO TIGER BARB FISH I have 12 tiger barbs and 6 albino tiger barbs and they all school together very well and never seem to bother anyone. I love the action they give the tank and the fact that they roam the various regions of the tank instead of keeping to a certain depth as some other fish naturally do. I fully agree with the sites recommendation of not keeping these with slow moving fish, other than that these are a prefect addition to the tank.

Albino Tiger Barb, Puntius tetrazona Variety Fish in my fish tank.

I have recently brought three green and an albino tiger barb and put them in a tank with our two regular tigers. They have shoaled together really well and our regular tigers are now fighting less. I also have a red-tail black shark and eight live-bearers, none of which have received any grief from the barbs, but our two angel fish did. Don't mix barbs with fish with long fins such as the siamese fighting fish. Ideally barbs should be the last additions to a community tank.

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The Albino Tiger barb is loved by many aquarists and shunned by others. Albinism is a genetic condition caused by a particular combination of recessive alleles in the fish DNA. The Albino Tiger barb must inherit this trait from both parents in order to become an albino fish. Albinism leads to a lack of pigmentation and the Albino Tiger barb will therefore look very pale compared to the ordinary Tiger barb. Albino Tiger barbs will shoal together with normal Tiger barbs and Green Tiger barbs and are therefore often used to produce a contrast effect in the aquarium. Care for your Albino Tiger barbs just as if they were ordinary Tiger barbs; both types appreciate the same conditions. The Albino Tiger barb is beloved by a lot of aquarists and snubbed by others. Albinism is a genetic condition caused by a distinct consolidation of recessive alleles in the DNA of the fish. The Albino Tiger barb must gain this trait from both parents to become an albino fish.