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The Pleco has an elongated body covered by bony plates, also referred to as armor clad scales, except on the lower part of the head and the belly. It has a tall, sailfin type dorsal fin and a large head that grows larger with age. The mouth is underslung with suction-cup like lips that adhere to smooth surfaces to suck algae. Its eyes are small, set high on the head, and give a winking appearance as they roll inside the sockets.The normal coloring of this fish is a light brown base heavily covered with dark blotches patterned in stripes and spots, making it look like a very dark fish. There are also varieties of this species that are missing some or all of the dark patterning. This fish is also available as an Albino Pleco.In the wild these fish gets up to 24 inches (60 cm) in length, though they seldom exceed 12 - 15" (30.5 - 38 cm) in the aquarium. They are fast growing, and have an average lifespan of 10 - 15 years in captivity. In the wild they can live more than 15 years.

My friend has one and had him for over 1 year (its not an albino like mine) and that sucker fish hardley grew Sue:

The Bristlenose Catfish can be identified by the bony plates on their body and a ventral, or underslung sucker mouth. Sometimes confused with their close relative the pleco, the Bristle-nose is much shorter, flatter, and fatter with a wider head. The males possess fleshy tentacles on their heads while the females only have smaller tentacles along their snout. These tentacles are unique to the genus . These little fish also have small spikes on their fins and a modified stomach that allows them to survive in conditions with low oxygen levels. They have an average lifespan of about 5 years, but can live longer with good care.The body is normally an uneven brown, black, olive, or gray in color with white or yellow spots depending on the region they are from. There is a 'piebald' variety that has large splotches of lighter color on the body. The abdomen is flat and lighter colored than the upper body. There is also an albino color morph, a mostly white colored fish, that is also available on occasion.

Selling a one feet long (tip of mouth to tail end) albino sucker fish

(its not an albino like mine) and that sucker fish hardley grew Fish stores dont always know what their talking about. With that the question is, as they start breeding is it normal for the counts to be that low or am I loosing that many fry and need to remove some other fish. I have a Malawi cichlid tank 55g, and a 16g "wide screen style" tank. That can be used. We have been so excited thus far and are okay with the few we have been successful with. However we already have a standing deal with two of our local aquatic stores for $/(trade) and wonder what the counts could be or should be. I have bought a new female albino that should be ready to start laying eggs b4 long she is
Thanks again and best of luck to you all!

Last night i bought two albino corey cats and two sucker fish

Albino Cories are peaceful community fish. They enjoy the company of other small, peaceful fish as well as a school of their own kind. Community fish such as live bearers, danios, and tetras make good tank mates. They will not fare well with aggressive fish. They should be kept in groups of at least 3 individuals, with 6 or more being ideal to keep them healthy and happy.

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