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I have 3 bettas: an adult female, an adult male, and a baby betta. I also have a community tank with black skirt tetra, white skirt tetras, albino cory cats, bumble bee mollies, common petstore fish. I don't have really any problems with my fish usually, but there's one of my fish that I'm having a nightmarish time with: my solid orange, adult male veil tail.

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This free wallpaper for iPhone 7 Plus was featured with a high resolution picture of Betta fish. This is the albino Betta fish picture, one of my best selection

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Free Wallpaper for iPhone 7 with Albino Betta Fish Picture (16) The Betta we know as the Siamese Fighting Fish isa true gift of nature to aquarists. Amongst the most beautiful ofaquatic animals, extremely tolerant of widely ranging water conditions,undemanding as a wet-pet... All it/they demand is an occasional"bowl/tank scrubbing", something meaty in the way of foods,and a lack of aggressive, fin-nippingtankmates.

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White is uncommon, but not rare. It seems betta colors go in trends, the latest bettas when looking for unusuals are crowntails, half moons, double tails, and deltas. Veil tails to any betta breeder are mutt fish, no matter what special color it comes in. The veil is the most common and not considered breeding quality. The most common colors in stores are blue, steel, turquoise, red, and sometimes yellow or orange or white. Rare is Albino (a true albino has red eyes from lack of pigment) and black. I remember shopping a few years ago and white bettas with "dalmatian" spots were everywhere. These are mostly white bettas with spots of other colors like blue and red on their fins. From how you describe your betta, I would suspect you've got a cull. A white with red wash. Red wash is difficult to breed out when going for a solid color. Once it gets into a lineage, it sticks around for a long time. So no, I wouldn't say you have a rare betta, just an unusual color for what seems to be popular in breeding this season.

Albino Betta Fish Picture 12 of 20 for iPhone 7 Plus

Corydoras (panda, albino, dwarf, etc.) are bottom dwelling fish and can blend well with the sand thanks to their natural gray and/or white colors and make them less likely to be noticed by your bettas.The Albino Cory Catfish is also a very good tank mate. The Betta sees it but wont charge at him or anything. The Albino Cory Catfish is also very useful. It eats any leftover betta food that has fallen to the bottom of the tank.Some of the colors that are available in different types of Betta fish include red, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, green, bright blue, royal blue, apricot, peach, white, and albino. There are solid colored Betta fish, and some types of Betta fish are even bi-colored or multi-colored. Don’t be fooled, however…While some types of Betta fish may be labeled albino, a true albino Betta hasn’t been spotted for over 50 years.