Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Albino ..

The Albino Zebra Danio is a great choice for beginners and a great companion in a community aquarium. These fish will eat just about anything that is offered as long as it floats at the surface where they can readily consume it. They tolerate water condition changes without too many issues and can even be kept without a heater.

Pair of 'Albino Koi' Swordtails {Xiphophorus helleri} Fish in our Aquarium [Livebearers]

Watch the Giant Gourami Fish with Albino Shark in Freshwater Aquarium. If you are fond of keeping Giant Fishes in Aquarium then these fishes are a type you may be looking for.

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Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Albino Buenos ..

Snow White Albino Zebra 1 5 "African Cichlid for Freshwater Aquarium Fish In 2009, 10 rare albino arowana traveled via police escort to the Aquarama International Fish Competition in Singapore — the aquatic equivalent of the Westminster Dog Show — where armed guards stood watch to prevent anyone from adding poison to the tanks.

Albino catfish, Walking catfish, Aquarium fish - YouTube

If you are looking for a first fish to help clean your tank, I an think of no better alternative than the the bronze, emerald, or albino cory. They will help to sift through the substrate and stir up debris that has fallen to the bottom of the tank making it much easier for your filter to suck it up. They also will consume any uneaten food that has fallen to the bottom of the tank. In addition to their usefulness in the aquarium, they have amazingly fun personalities. Like neons or rainbowfish, they like to be in each other's company. I strongly recommend purchasing at least five or six to truly see their unique interactions with each other. If you look closely, you can even see the cories blink occasionally. Their antics will provide onlookers with hours of entertainment. They also are extremely hardy as long as two easy requirements are met. They absolutely hate salt in their water, so please don't put any in their tank (not common for beginner's to do anyway). Also, they prefer a sandy substrate to avoid their delicate barbels from getting damaged. While sand is best, as long as the substrate does not have large or jagged pebbles, they will do fine. Make sure they are getting fed properly as well. They shouldn't be depending on scraps to make it to the bottom of the tank. Sink wafers that will satisfy their dietary requirements are readily available. Lastly, there are many different species of cories, but many of the newer or more exotic ones are much more picky about their environment. Please do your research before deciding which cory is right for you.

Popular aquarium fish -- Albino catfish or Walking catfish