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These things are also great for aiding in water circulation, thus creating a little current for your fish. Moreover, aquarium air pumps help to release carbon dioxide from the water, CO2 being something that can suffocate your fish. Some aquarium air pumps also create a multitude of little bubbles which are great for helping to force water through the filter, thus creating a cleaner and more hospitable fish tank. ().

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One of the major activities an air pump performs is to keep water moving. It is necessary to keep water moving for a healthy goldfish tank or aquarium because still water attracts mosquitoes and other impurities. Another advantage for your goldfish is that moving water helps your goldfish to swim easily.

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First and foremost get rid of the bowl and buy your fish a tank or aquarium with an adequate air pump. While an air pump can be beneficial to keeping a healthy aquatic environment, they are not actually essential. It is completely possible to maintain healthy fish without ever using an air pump, but it can be more difficult. One of the biggest benefits of an aquarium air pump can be realized when a filter pump breaks. In a fish tank without an air pump, the filter pump is the sole machine responsible for circulating and helping to aerate the water. If the filter pump breaks for any reason, the water will quickly stagnate and may have trouble absorbing enough oxygen for fish to breathe.

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It is very easy once you have all the necessary accessories.
1. Choose a safe location for your aquarium air pump
Wherever you decide to put your air pump, you must make sure it is secure and will not fall down easily. It must not be installed inside the aquarium (some people actually did it). It requires the air pump to be at a higher level than the fish tank, so the water will not go back into the air tubing and reach the air pump in case of a power outage. The air pump also must not be directly above the fish tank, because it might fall into the water. It is an electronic device after all.

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To decide if you need an air pump for your aquarium you want to look at the other pieces of filtration that you have and determine whether or not they are sufficiently providing oxygen for the aquarium.

I like air pumps on fresh water aquariums. They're great at supplementing oxygen into the water. Most fresh water filters don't do an adequate job at adding air or oxygen to the aquarium simply because they're cannister style or they're hang on and they just don't agitate the water enough to really push oxygen into the water. As your fish grow the oxygen demands are going to increase as the fish get bigger.

Also, when the water warms up in the summer the water has a lower capacity to hold oxygen, so an air pump is going to be very beneficial to add that extra air that's needed. Dissolved oxygen is very, very important to fish, to bacteria, and even to plants at night. Plants and algae need oxygen at night.

So air pumps are relatively inexpensive. They're pretty quiet nowadays. And I don't see any reason not to have one on a fresh water aquarium. Again, on salt water your filtration should be stout enough to not require the need for an air pump.

But, once you do go with an air pump, you want to make sure that it's installed properly. If you have your air pump located below the aquarium and the power goes out it's possible to create a back siphon of water through the aquarium line into the air pump, and it'll result in siphoning all the water from your aquarium onto the floor. You can avoid this by going with a very inexpensive two to three dollar check valve that will go inline on the air line from the pump to the air stone in the aquarium.

Other things to consider is the type of air stone. There's air stone that will produce fine bubbles and ones that will produce coarse bubbles. Depending on the needs of the aquarium fine bubbles will give you a little bit more surface area, and that's going to give you more oxygen. But sometimes they don't break up as easily and it'll result in water that looks a little bit cloudy.

So I like nice, thick, coarse bubbles, and four or six inch air stone works great. Put it behind a rock or a plant and it creates a very nice visual look to the tank while adding critical oxygen to the environment. And keep it on all the time. Keep it on 24/7.Air pumps introduce oxygen into our tropical fish tanks through airline tubing and airstones. This increased oxygen in the form of air bubbles release carbon dioxide from the aquarium water. The increased oxygen benefits all aspects of your home aquarium. Live plants, beneficial bacteria, and your tropical fish will thrive with high oxygen levels in their water.