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Foxface/Rabbitfish are a larger peaceful saltwater aquarium fish but can hold their own with more aggressive fish as long as the other fish can’t fit them in their mouth. They are similar in requirements to Butterflyfish. They definitely need a food with some algae and spirulina and some sponge or coral protein in it. They won’t do will just being fed brine shrimp. They do better in a mature tank with a lot of live rock. This means you should have a tank up for about a year before you add one to the system. You should have at least a 90 gallon aquarium and these are not good for smaller tanks. Unfortunately, they will pick at corals and we can’t recommend them for most reef aquariums as they will nip at clams and most corals.

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Aggression among fish, particularly marine species, is a problem that plagues both beginning and advanced aquarists. For example, you buy a new fish and add it to your apparently peaceful community tank and suddenly violence erupts. Long-term residents react aggressively toward a newly introduced fish, causing acclimation difficulties. This can lead to stress, disease and often the subsequent death of the new addition. The purpose of this article is to examine reef fish aggression and suggest techniques that will allow us to reduce conflict in our saltwater aquariums.

Aggressive fish and how to deal with fish aggression and bullying.

180 gallon aggressive salt water predator tank - YouTube One of the most challenging aspects of keeping saltwater eels in the aquarium is their extremely aggressive temperament. Most large species of eels are predatory and will quickly devour any species of fish that they can fit in their mouth. Therefore eels should only be kept with large, moderately aggressive tank mates that are able to hold their own ground. Aquarists should also take care when handling an eel aquarium as they can often bite the hands of their keepers when scared or when in a feeding frenzy.

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No matter what your skill level, to keep saltwater fish successfully requires providing and maintaining a properly set up aquarium. Many beginner saltwater fish are easy keepers in a 30-gallon aquarium, and there are a few that can be kept in a smaller 10 or 20-gallon tank. Once you have your aquarium up and running, take your time in selecting your fish. Start slowly, populate your tank with the correct number of hardy species, introduce peaceful fish first and add the aggressive fish last, and get the hang of maintaining the marine environment.

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